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Hog panels are rectangular sheets of robust fencing used to contain pigs. They can also be used for other livestock like sheep. 16 ft hog panels are the standard product length found in the market. Hog panels are often used for landscaping projects due to their aesthetic quality. Their wide spacing makes them more appealing than wire mesh.

How to install hog panels

Dig the post hole so that the diameter of the hole is three times the width of the post. Make the hole ⅓-½ the post height above the ground. For instance, if the post is 4” in diameter by 6ft in height, the hole should be 12” wide and at least 2 ft deep.

How long are hog panels?

Hog panels and gates are mostly 16 ft long and 3ft-8ft high. These are usually cut in half to make 8 ft sections. Find 6x6 and 4x4 hog panels for sale. The mesh size is smaller at the bottom of the hog panel and gets bigger towards the top. This is done to keep the small piglets from running through the larger mesh spacings. There are welded hog panels with strong cross points in the market for maximum functionality. Buyers can choose the gauge of the hog panels, from 4 gauge upwards, according to their needs.

Types and uses of hog panels

Galvanizing hog panels makes them more durable and prevents rusting. Silver or black hog panels give a clean and appealing finish. Plastic hog panels are made from high-density polyethylene and can also serve well on the farm. However, steel hog panels and welded wire hog panels win when it comes to durability and value for money. Portable hog panels can be carried around and placed wherever they are needed on the farm. Wire hog panels are multipurpose: first, fencing with hog panels makes for a good trellis for vine plants to grow on. They’re also used in the construction industry, where deck-railing using hog panels is done.

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