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Electric hoist as mini crane to lift light things very convenient tool CD1 Electric Hoist Overall Compact, light weight, safe and reliable Components and parts apply used universally,strong compatibility High lifting capacity , easy maintenance Easy operation, accurate lifting steady operation CD1 Electric Hoist Lifting Motor To use higher starting torque tapered rotor braking asynchronous motor No need plus brake again, Motor load keeping rate is 25%, Safe and reliable Class B or Class F insulation,Motor protection grade IP44 / IP54 CD1 Electric Hoist Hoisting Speed Reducer it adopts 3-GRADE fixed axle inclined gears structure,long life The gears and gear shaft made by the alloy steel of heating treatment, high strength Box, box cover made by high quality cast iron, Assembly rigor, good seal The gear reducer become to be a single part, loading and unloading is extremely convenient Reliable drive, high mechanical efficiency CD1 Electric Hoist Protection Function It has the device up and down proceeding to protect the fire cutting limiting stopper. To ensure the safe operation of the electric hoist, the electrical components have long life, use reliable It also has device to prevente clashing the top CD1 Electric Hoist Wire Rope To adopt GB / T 20118-2006 (6 * 37 + 1) lifting wire rope, to ensure durable using CD1 Electric Hoist Operation Device Flexible operation, it has manipulation corded and wireless remote control two ways

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You can find powerful hoist cranes on Alibaba.com for simplifying tasks such as lifting heavy loads or mobility-impaired individuals. The many hoist cranes available for sale at Alibaba.com come in varied lifting capacities with some options capable of hoisting small loads of less than one tone and bigger ones capable of hoisting loads heavier than 5000 tones. The hoist cranes for sale in our stores have varied chain falls and lift heights, with many having dual or single speed.

The hoist cranes are ideal for lifting different load sizes in warehouses, garages, construction sites, shipping, emergency sites, and dockyards. These hoist cranes have different features including, suspension points, beam trolleys, clamps, and can be used with workshop runways, overhead cranes, or mobile lifting gantries. To deliver optimal performance while ensuring safety, many hoist cranes include additional components such as wire ropes, webbing slings, hooks, and chain slights.

If you are looking for a quick, safe, and affordable way to perform lifting jobs, the many hoist cranes on Alibaba.com can help make that possible. Businesses and households looking to minimize the work and risk involved in lifting heavier loads manually can take advantage of high-quality and affordable hoist cranes. These hoist cranes ensure the fast delivery of loads and enable businesses and people to reduce the time used to complete different projects.

Wholesalers and retailers looking for best-in-market hoist cranes should visit Alibaba.com for the best solutions. Buyers have the options to choose from our huge inventory of well-priced and discounted products to maximize savings.