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Domestic UF Membrane/ Ultra Filtration Membrane/ Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter The equipment has good effect on cleaning, sterilizing and concentrating big-molecule material. Filter basic theory: Filter is a kind of membrane separate technology which is widely used for separating goods shrink and extract in recent ten years international. It appears hollow thin pipe shape, the wall of the pipe micro hollow, Under the action of the pressure, the original liquid flow in and out of the membrane, the liquid or small molecule.

Product Details Frotec ultra filtratiom membrane Ultra-filtration is an advanced technology to separate,purfity and concentrate substance. Feed liquid is flowing in or out the membrane under the influence of pressure,dissolvent or small molecule can permeate membrane and become pure liquid by collection,while large molecule(such as protein,each kind of enzyme,nucleic acid,polysaccharide an so on),colloid particle(such as emulsion,micro-ion)and bacterium are cut off by membrane and taken off by the circulating liquid flow to become concentrating liquid. Equipment & technology 2, the quality of solid fuel and production is the biggest supplier in Service 3, stable product quality , supply, the good faith management Product Processing Product Packing Main Products FRP TANK Operating Pressure:150psi Operating Temperature:49℃ RO SYSTEM 1000L/H FRP RO MEMBRANE HOUSING FRP 8040 FILTER CRATRIDGE Polypropylene Pleated Filter Cartridge EDI UPVC Cartridge filter housing

Due to the high security and economic and effective water, it greatly expands the scope of application of waste water recycling. 6. The unique mode of operation makes the membrane surface no blocking, and the cleaning interval time is long. The module design make the machine flexible, it is easy to expand the volume.

Ultrafiltration is effective in the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, pyrogens (e.g. gram-negative bacterial endotoxins), and other organic molecules l arger than 0.1 Micron size. A properly designed UF cartridge allows efficient rising of ionic redidue from the cleaning and rapidly returns to optimal resistivity and organic purity.

Hollow ultrafiltration membrane is a hollow fiber by the ultrafiltration membrane, which is ultrafiltration technology in the most mature and advanced technology. The pore size is expressed in terms of the molecular weight of the substance that can be retained, and the molecular weight can be several thousand to several hundred thousand. Raw water in the hollow fiber outside or cavity pressure flow, respectively, constitute the external pressure and internal pressure.

3.High filtration precision ,optimal interception performance 4.Hydrophilic modification with independent intellectual property rights ,strong hydrophilicity. 2. Hinada is the professional MBR Membrane manufacturer, we can offer according to client requirement . Hinada can offer the completely integrated MBR System according to client project.

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Enhance your water filtration options with a. hollow fiber membrane. This is a technology that is used to remove a large quantity of contamination from water by pushing the water through a semipermeable membrane under high pressure.. hollow fiber membrane is the best way to achieve superior safe water for home and business use. Alibaba.com offers the best. hollow fiber membrane options for your home and business water solution. This system encourages hydration as it produces fresh, tasty water.

hollow fiber membrane gives users the best safe drinking water that reduces your exposure to contaminants. This system removes certain bacteria and chemicals, making the water it produces taste fresh and look clear. The. hollow fiber membrane has energy saving separation techniques. It keeps water from evaporating, and this technique consumes low energy and controls water loss. The user only needs a small space to install. hollow fiber membrane. The equipment is compact, providing excellent space efficiency.

Cleaning the. hollow fiber membrane is easy and convenient. This system gets rid of contaminants and pollutants without collecting them. The. hollow fiber membrane doesn’t need any purification chemicals. It’s completely green and good for the environment. The filtration system is energy and cost efficient. The. hollow fiber membrane filters large gallons of water every day and consumes no energy. It has a simple maintenance, and it's affordable too.

Visit Alibaba.com for the best. hollow fiber membrane options from trusted sellers and manufacturers. This system is efficient, convenient and eco-friendly. Get the best offers of. hollow fiber membrane at affordable prices and jaw dropping sales discounts.