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Rivets are one of the unsung heroes of the Industrial Revolution. Without them, it would not have been possible to build skyscrapers, railroads, and ships. Rivets made it possible for heavy pieces of steel to be joined long before engineers learned to optimize the use of steel and use advanced welding techniques that reduced weight and sped up construction.

What are the different types of hollow rivet tools?

Equally important to rivets themselves are the means with which to fasten them. To fasten hollow rivets, hollow rivet tools, also known as hollow rivet setting tools, hollow rivet punch, or a hollow rivet gun, pull the mandrel head into the body of the rivet, which then expands against the blind side of the join. Once it meets the face of the join's blind side, the mandrel snaps, causing the stem to eject to create a tight joint. Unlike solid rivets, blind rivets can be installed from one side of the part. They are suitable in situations where it is difficult to see the rear end of a joint and is the widely-used joint in aerospace, electronics, and shipbuilding. Another tool for installing blind rivets is the hollow rivet flaring tool which creates a flare—a wide surface that prevents rivets from being pulled out.

What are other types of rivet tools?

Other types of rivet fastening tools are semi-hollow rivet tools, tubular rivet tools—also known as a tubular rivet punch or tubular rivet setter - and semi-tubular rivet guns. A semi-hollow rivet tool works almost the same as any other rivet puncher, with the difference being that because of the way a semi-hollow rivet is made, it only needs to impart one-fourth of the force needed to install a solid rivet. Semi-hollow and solid rivet tools need access to both sides of the structure; a bucking bar is needed opposite an air hammer to install these rivets. Like any other project in the aerospace or construction industry, the right rivet for the job isn't necessarily the strongest. Factors such as weight should inform the decision process.

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