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        Q: Is a wire mesh mask safe?
A: There 's two types of mesh mask .   Perforated steel masks have mesh that 's a single plate with a lot of holes punched in it . These 're strong sufficiently to resist a point blank shoot at 500fps ( with 0.2g ammunition ) . The holes are considerably too few for a BB to enter , even when deformed by denting .   Cheaper masks are made from a woven wire mesh . I make a point of never to utilize those , I simply do n't trust them . A high powered shot can punch through them , and distortion generated by denting can conceivably leave a hole big sufficiently for a round to enter .   Either way , a badly dented mesh mask ought to be superseded !   There is feasible to an issuance with low quality ammunition ( 0.12g ) shattering on influence ( at point blank range ) and dispatching fragments through ( primarily with the woven mesh type as the holes are considerably larger ) , however , as people do n't tends to use 0.12g at skirmish sites this is not truly a problem . 

Q: How to buy a wire mesh welding machine?
A: If you wish to make wire mesh was later an automated machine 's the only realist way to go . Does n't have to be new , there exist the companies that sell and refurbish mesh welders , for example Merlin Control Systems Ltd in the UK .   See www.merlin-controls.com   Paul 

Q: Can you have babies in space?
A: Rat are , master 's degree in escape and squeezing through things . If their head can fit they were able fit . But you 're seeingm to got that down huge .   If you got the money be purchased a temporary cage subsequently this is a good thing to have on hand anyways in case somebody gets sick has to go to the vet on an extended stay or whatever may come up .   If not , which was the ship I was in when I got my boys , I went to the hard-ware store and bought a roll of wire mesh ( not opaque , more like chicken wire just to add a small additional between the bars ) and attached it around my cage with twisty tying ( because it was thuslely temporary 2-three weeks ) . It did the trick ... .granted Ish 've been able to figure out how to open almost all the locking I put on the cage door but i wo n't get through the mesh , and this is what counts !   I has heard of alternative ways , of utilization of some sort of cloth , but I prefers the mesh since it kept the cage enjoyable and ventilated . If you do made a decision mesh , make persuaded that when you cut it , you take caring aimed at eliminating ALL sharp terminates with a file or grinder or cover them with something ( rubber weather stripping or something ) I learnt the VERY hard way that rats , in particular baby rats , get harmed very readily . ( Luckily my rat retrieved from his injury in no time flat )   I also put bells on different places around the mesh and doors , since baby rats are n't hooked onto your scheduling yet they will were extremely nocturnal , so when they did 're trying flee it would ring a bell and wake me up . Not fool proof , however , it did the trick 8 times out of 10 .   Last thing , if you 're n't up for the wire mesh , go to the hard ware store find an elderly gentleman working there ( there will be one believe me ) and explain to him your situation even bring in a wall of the cage if you are able , and I bet he 'd come forward with an enormous idea better than mine .   Good Luck with your Girls !  Scritches  Ace