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The quality of the fabric is fundamental in creating durable clothing. This is true across all types of clothing, from formal gowns to casual outfits. Since the style for this new generation has tended to the more casual side, hoodies have become a staple item in the wardrobe of a large number of young people. A common problem with hoodie material is that the hoodie fabric pills after several washes, creating small fuzzy balls above the surface of the fabric. Choosing the correct sweatshirt fabric is paramount to creating a functional, beautiful, and long-lasting sweatshirt or hoodie.

What are the different types of hoodie fabric?

There is a myriad of available types of hoodie fabric. The ideal fabric for hoodies varies on the type of hoodie and depends mostly on what the primary use for the hoodie would be. There are two things to consider: the material with which the fabric is made and the weave used for the fabric. For the material, natural and synthetic are quite common. Cotton sweatshirt fabric is a source of commonly-collected natural material. Cotton is made from the cotton plant. It is lightweight, cool to the skin, and durable. A polyester spandex hoodie is synthesized in a laboratory. Because of the nature of its synthesis, polyester fabrics can come in different kinds of colors and finishes. Elastic can be blended in with the fabric to have more stretch. They are also typically more lightweight.

Types of hoodie fabric weave

As for the weave, knit is a quite common weave for sweatshirt material. Knit sweatshirt fabric is stretchable due to the looping around of the thread that creates the fabric. Different materials, including cotton and polyester, can be knit into sweatshirt fabric. Sweatshirt fleece fabric is a type of knitting that has a soft, fuzzy texture on one or both sides. This specific weave allows the fabric to contain heat well and is ideal for lounging and sleeping. All in all, the material for hoodies should be soft and comfortable while being strong enough to withstand multiple cycles in the washer and dryer.

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