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Usage of 3-Indolebutyric acid 1.Used as plant growth regulator. 2.Used for increasing ratio of fruit setting. 5. Use for soaking seeds,Improve the rate of germination and survival.

It can stimulate rooting system of plant’s and cuttings’ (herbaceous and woody ornamentals), it can increase various fruits and melons’ fruit setting rate. Application It is used to stimulate rooting of cuttings of herbaceous and woody ornamentals, also used to increase fruit set. Certain urban atmospheres where high smog (ozone) levels and light tend to accelerate color formation from white to beige.

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Discover high-quality. hormones iba on Alibaba.com at reasonable prices. The agrochemicals are available as crystalline solid or liquid forms. The chemical structures of products are Gibberellic acid, Auxins, and so on.. hormones iba are useful in regulating the growth of agricultural produce. You can also use them for floriculture and horticulture. 

hormones iba on Alibaba.com are highly pure chemicals. They are appropriate for cotton, peanuts, corn, fruit trees, and so on. The substances are useful even in smaller quantities for all crops. The growth agents can accelerate and decelerate plant growth to serve your unique purpose. The products can inhibit vegetative growth and promote reproductive growth, ensuring great flowering and fruition. They improve the quality of the overall yield. Also, the chemicals enhance the disease resistance ability of crops. They also attack the insects and mites for a better quality of produce.

hormones iba help in keeping the stems and leaves green, and retard aging in crops. The products are useful at all crop stages from germination to harvest. The products ensure you get your yield timely by controlling budding and flowering time. They promote fruits from maturity to ripening. The regulators are stable under natural light, heat, and an aqueous solution. Dilution ratio and other critical information are furnished on the packaging for effective results. The chemicals have a straightforward application. They need minimal workforce for application.

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