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There’s a large selection of steering wheel horn buttons for aftermarket steering wheels. You can find horn buttons similar to a Kenworth horn button, a corvette horn button, or even a jeep horn button.

Aftermarket horn buttons are a good fit for all cars and trucks regardless of the make, year, or model. You can find horn buttons to fit different kinds of steering wheel adapters, whether 3, 5 or a 9-bolt steering wheel horn button.

How Does a Horn Button Work?

An external horn button works by activating the horn mechanism in the car. This happens when you press the horn button. Once pressed, it closes the switch mechanism at the back, sending an electrical current to the horn. The current creates a magnetic field in the horn, causing the steel diaphragm in the mechanism to oscillate, producing sound. A momentary horn switch also works in the same way.

Why are Horn Buttons Placed on the Steering Wheel?

Horn buttons are placed on the steering wheel for easy and quick access. Through time, horn buttons have been mounted on places such as the dash panel and the side of the steering column.

How Long Does a Horn Switch Last?

Horn switches are made to last long, preferably throughout the car’s life. But, due to wear and tear, you may have to replace your horn switch after a few years of use. The wiring behind the button is the part that often wears out, making it impossible to activate the car’s horn. In this case, replacing your horn button is crucial to avoid safety inconveniences on the road. When replacing your horn button, you can choose a customized one. With customization, you can get the exact kind of horn button you want.

Whether you want a Nardi steering wheel horn button, a Forever Sharp steering wheel horn button, or Sparko steering wheel buttons, it’s all possible with customization. If you want a vintage logo no longer provided by your favourite brand, for instance, the old HKS horn button logo, it’s easy to get with customization.