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Horses played a very important part throughout human history. And although they are not widely used today, they are still bred as a hobby and for entertainment. Horse riding takes skill and the proper equipment for it to be done safely. While it is possible to ride a horse without any form of padding, it can get challenging to ride a horse for long periods of time without one. Chaffing can occur between a rider’s legs – an uncomfortable experience. A more serious issue, however, is the lack of leverage made available to a rider. This can cause a rider to lose their balance and risk a serious fall or injury. For these reasons, horse saddles and horse saddle pads were invented to provide additional comfort and leverage for riders.

What is a horse saddle pad set?

A horse saddle pad set is an implement that looks like a blanket but is shaped specifically for a horse. It fits between the horse’s back and the horse saddle. Common reasons for using a saddle pad set include compensating for saddle fit problems, improving the comfort of the horse, improving saddle balance for the rider’s benefit, and absorbing impact for both rider and horse.

What are the different types and styles of horse saddle pad sets?

There is a myriad of saddle pad sets available depending on the purposes of the user. For shock absorption and comfort, horse riders may opt to purchase a gel pad for horse saddles. They may even opt to go all the way and purchase gel horse saddle pads. Of course, saddle pad sets come in different colors. Choose black horse saddle pads or opt from the myriad of chestnut horse saddle pad colors to exude an air of sophistication. Riders may also choose adventurous saddle pads such as the purple horse saddle pad and red horse saddle pad. Female riders, in particular, might love the pink saddle pad set and rose gold saddle pad set. Note that clients are able to purchase matching saddle pads and shirts and ear bonnets, and saddle pad sets to keep their color theme consistent.