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        Q: Where can I find the vintage \"007\" knife?
A: Please note , blades have been made for thousands of years before the invention of grinders and belt sander ( these people are a big help ) . In one book I have a manufacturer whose knives were gorgeous said you did n't any power instrument save a hand drilling . Everything was done with hand filings and sandpaper .  There is considerably more to knife making than just grinding them out , heating treating comes next ( and that 's the its most important part ) . I 've put certain information on my site about making one from a file that 's already heating processed plus a blog on it , jmccustomknives.webs.com , also verify out iforgeiron.com , it 's a messaging board for smiths . There 's a lot of money of information in there . Good luck . 

Q: California Knife Laws?
A: Under California state legislation , non-switchblade pocket knives that are disguised in the closed stance is feasible to lawfully carried , concealed or open-carry . Fixed-blades is required to carried forwardtly . Knives that are hid as something different ( belt buckle , shotgun shell , etc . ) has completely prohibited . Switchblades is also possible owned privately in the house , but not street-carried ; whilst not specified , most people assumes that transporting is judicial on the same base as a gun : locked in the trunk in a locked container . Cane swords has completely banned. ` 

Q: What the difference between these 2 knives?
A: For pragmatic purposes paring is any knife that is destined be utilised off the board , in the air essentially . Small knife , utilized for fragile cut , peeling , destemming strawberries , and such .   Utility knife - Utterly pointless knife in the kitchen . Too short and narrow to be anything like Chef 's or Santoku in the kitchen and too longer to be a good pairing knife . Proponents of it say , well , this is splendid to cut sandwiches in one-half . So , if you do that all day , is also possible you consideration should be given it , or else skip it for convinced , and sav4e money too .   Chef 's knife - General cut , everything from soft meat to vegetables . Can double as a slicer too , if it 's longer enoughly .   Santoku - In Japanese means a knife of three virtues . Although , when you dig that part , there exist various sets of 3 virtues floating around , so you maybe it is getting much more virtues in one knife if U get fortunate . Jokes aside , Santoku is a Japanese houswife version of the chef 's knife and a nakiri .  You 'll never see Santoku in a pro environment in Japan - but this is very popular in homes . Beats Nakiri in versatility and shorter/more economical to compared with gyuto ( japan chef 's knife ) .  Bunch of other kitchen knife types here - http : //zknives.com/knives/kitchen/misc/u ...   5 and 7 in is the blade length clear . And 5 was just too short too . Although this is all very personal , you have to take decisions for yourself .   Minimal set for house cook is 8-12 '' long chef 's knife + 3-4 '' paring knife and ten '' + longer bread serrated knife . That will cover ninety-nine % of house cook cut . You can add boning knife or a slicer relying on your requirements .   Brands - Given your budgeting from Euro knives VIctorinox/Forschner 's your bestest betting , x50CrMoV15 steel employed by them 's same as in more expensive western knives .   From Japanese knives you might wan na verify out Tojiro knives , that was quite close to your budgeting too and outperforms most of the keysteram western knives too .   More on select kitchen knives here - http : //zknives.com/knives/kitchen/misc/a ...