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The motor system is the key core component of e-bikes since it can largely affect the overall riding experience. There are two options for the motor system: the hub motor and the mid-drive motor. Just as the name indicates, an electric hub motor is in the hub of the wheel to provide power through the wheel, while the mid-drive motor is in the middle section to help pedal the cranks. Hub motors are affordable compared to mid-drive motor e-bikes.

How does the hub motor work?

Most e-bike hub motors are built into the hub of the rear wheel. There is a gear reduction system connecting the motor and the stator. The stator inside the hub motor twines around the spokes. When the current passes through it, the e-bike hub motor controller converts the stator into an electromagnet which generates torque and drives the rotor to rotate. Higher torque results in better acceleration. The gearing reduction system reduces the speed to allow the wheel to turn at a more suitable speed.

The benefits of the hub motor

1. Lightweight for an easier ride. Compared to other types of motors, the wheel hub motor is lightweight. Therefore, e-bikes equipped with a hub motor are easier to ride, resulting in a more enjoyable cycling trip.

2. Suitable speed for everyday use. The motorcycle hub motor could reach a higher top speed than other motors under the same condition. Also, the hub motor for bikes can create greater torque at a decreased speed. It's more efficient when e-bikes travel uphill or on rough roads. Electric bikes powered with a hub motor could meet the commuting needs of most people. They are also the right choice for a leisure trip or social outing outside. E-bikes with higher torque offer better climbing abilities, suitable for driving in the sand or snow.

3. Durable for a longer lifespan. Since motor hubs maximize efficiency and minimize the power needed, the battery will last longer. Moreover, some hub motor kits are fully separate. It's able to switch to pedal power in case of emergency if the hub motor is broken suddenly.

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