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        Q: Off Grid Solar system, What do I need?
A: Off the grid is a term that is normally employed to describe a home that is off of the main energy grid . In other words , these people are houses that provide its own right energy from alternatives sourcing and do not rely on power corporations . Some alternatives house energy sourcing that people 's use to get off the grid can include solar panels and wind turbines . Read more following website/wiki.answers.com/What_is_off_the_grid # ixzz1gGeolgFI . 

Q: Which inverter for a small windmill/solar panel setup? What wire gage?
A: you are able not be getting a good contact , take your digital multitester and reading it with that  and if your getting good volts this situation is you Contact with the wire , this panel should hit around fifteen volts  i Had a panel with the same problem i connected the wired with conductive Silver EPOXY  ITS A TWO PART GLUE WITH REAL SILVER IT DID THE JOB ,   hope this assistances  www.solarcells101.com 

Q: What is an off grid inverter?
A: A ordinary inverter sets it ' own frequency at closes to 60Hz..  A 'grid tie inverter ' matches it 's frequency and staging precisely in order to that of the grid .  Most have an alternative 'frequency clock ' installed for used during power blackouts .  You would require to supply the accurate DC input voltage , ( generally twelve V. ) .  If your MG 'ripples ' you might want some battery or capacitor 'smoothing ' on that input to the inverter .