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        Q: Why is ice cap melting?
A: The polar ice capping are extremely sensitive to climate changing . According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado , `` even a bit further increase temperature can result to greater warming over time , '' and start a chain response that leads to a cycle of warming and melting . The warmer air melts the surface area of the ice cap , producing meltwater ponds . In addition to snow-melt flowing off the ice cap , it also trickles into the ice through cracking and fissures , undermining and thinning the ice . In the past years , this process has aroused ice shelves to collapse , glaciers to retreat and sea ice to melt more quickly than snow can accrue . Because ice subsequently has less reflective capacity , it absorbs more solar power , which arouses even more melting . Nowhere 's th's more obvious than at the polar ice capping . If the current warming tendency are continuing the National Resources Defense Council speculates that `` summers in the Arctic could become ice-free by the end of the century . '' beyrojac mahinay 

Q: Whats there to do with dry ice?
A: depending on what ice cream it is ... however , if its ordinary whippy ice cream ... subsequently ice cream will melt quicker 

Q: What if you swallow dry ice?
A: Do n't . It would hurt , and it would be challenging , because the dried ice would freeze himself to your mouth , or esophagus . If you 've been able to do this , drink warm water and later either throw up or burp like crazy , as the dried ice are in fact frozen carbon dioxide gas , and you are able not keep the carbon dioxide gas in .