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Ice bricks are one of the best solutions to keep things cold and safe during transportation. From home use to commercial use, there is a perfect cool brick ice pack with the right size and materials.

Ice bricks for home and commercial use

Since bricks of ice are versatile to use, they are found in millions of homes. They are the right choice for picnics and lunch boxes to help keep food and drinks cool. What's more, brick ice is helpful for those who have a high fever. It helps the patient to cool down very gradually, and this antipyretic action is usually effective in febrile patients. Also, gel bricks can be used as an alternative tool to ice an injury. There are disposable ice bricks that can be found in many first-aid kits.

When it comes to commercial use, such special ice bricks for shipping are designed for long transit. They are ideal for products that are shipped to another country or province. They can be used to ship pharmaceutical packages like medication and vaccines as well as fresh and frozen foods like exotic meats and chocolate. Also, ice bricks for sale are in great demand when shipping beauty supplies.

Material of ice bricks

Ice bricks come in many forms and contain different ingredients. When it comes to small ice bricks for home use, most of them are made of sturdy PE material with water inside. Simply put the ice bricks in the freezer to chill. Ice bricks are suitable food-safe materials if they are used to keep food cold. Some ice-pack bricks are dishwasher-safe. There also come in gel ice bricks which contain gel-like beads inside the bricks.

As for instant ice bricks, they are filled with water and a chemical reactor like ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, or urea. The water will interact with the chemical and then turn into a solid frozen brick when the ice brick is squeezed. As for reusable ice bricks, most of them are filled with a mixture of water, something to lower the freezing temperature, a thickening agent, silicone gel, and non-toxic blue coloring.