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Ball screw linear motion guide FLS40 linear guide is semi-sealer structure, body width 40mm, high stability,compact structure,versatility feature, suitable for normal working environment, it is convenient to use single axis or multi-axis to assemble easy functional usage robotic arms for kinds of industries. Mechanical Dimensions Effective Stroke L (mm) 100~1000 Overall Length (mm) L+199 Overall Height (mm) 80 Detail Picture Ball Screw Parameter Model No. Dia. (mm) Lead(mm) Accuracy Class G1605 (100~500mm stoke) 16 05 C7 G1610(600~1000mm stroke) 16 10 C7 Motor Spec Model Step Angle Flange Size Body Length Torque Current Resistance Inductance Rotor Inertia Lead (°) (mm) L (mm) ( N.

We use only the best quality material to ensure the precision of our product. All products we sold out are strictly selected and tested by our QC department. 3,Payment: We accept payment via TT (Bank transfer), L/C,Paypal,Western Union.

•The standard installation makes it easy to form multidimensional space motion control system, the standard R232 control port is convenient to be connected with our PMC400 controller. •The maximum thickness of this series of electric displacement stage is 30 mm, especially suitable for places in the narrow space. 3. Operation places: optical cavity, the vacuum environment, small spaces, ultra-thin translation.

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Different factors affect the effectiveness of a importing guide. One, it’s the load requirements. Here check the linear guide weight capacity and size before purchase to make sure you order a machine that will support your intended use. Secondly, check the orientation of the slide. This will help you know the motion and location of a load; hence, you can determine the repeatability and accuracy of the load. Since linear guides come with different orientations and mounting types, this will guide you in choosing the right importing guide for your application. Third, make sure you know the installation requirements and the application design before ordering a importing guide online. With that, you can determine which linear guide is ideal for your application. Check also whether a machine has a self-lubricating feature which can be either grease fittings or polymer place. These features supply lubrication to your slide bearings, enhancing the effectiveness of the system. It also increases the linear guide durability as the lubrication reduces friction which can cause damage to the linear guide. You should also check the linear guide durability as buying a durable product will reduce the maintenance and repair cost.

There are two categories of linear guides; plain bearing slides and roller or ball bearing slides. The plain bearing slides use plain surface bearings that have minimum lubrication and friction. This importing guide is strong and fit for both lateral and radial loads. They include dovetail slides, cylindrical column slides, and Boxway slides. On the other hand, bearing slides rely on a roller element that minimizes friction. They are ideal for light-duty uses as the bearing tends to break or deform when high pressure is applied.

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