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        Q: Does a lift kit (on a car) affect how the vehicle drives?
A: I have a '02 tacoma that I put a 3 inch body lifting on , I have enjoyed no unfavourable consequences in ride quality . body lifts do not change your suspension geometry and do not void those parts of your guarantee in the majority instances the why that a suspension lifting will there exists a slight changing in center of severity however , if you do n't get too extrem you wont notice it , the whole point of a lifting is so that you are able fit larger tyres for more ground clearance , the lifting its self wo n't obtain you any . A well manufacture suspension lifting can give you a better ride quality and more off road capacity but will cost more . bye the way if you do go with a body lift expect your shifter to be shorter by the same amount that you lift the lorry . 

Q: Lift and suspension kit help?
A: Pro Tip : Do n't get cheap with lift kits . A high quality kit will have new leaf printemps rather than blocking , it will also have new larger radius arms rather than drop brackets for the stock ones . Putting blocking on the front suspension is asinine . Particularly if you have a TTB front end , IIRC the 1997 F-250 ha a Dana 50 TTB front axle . Seeing how this situation is an independent front suspension ( kinda of ) installation blocking would cause troubles with the steering and suspension geometry . 

Q: Does a leveling kit act like a body lift or suspension lift?
A: body elevators lift the body off of the frame slightly , thats why these people are bad  suspension lifts lift the body and frame  leveling kit increased the front of the lorry so its inline with the back ( trucks are roughly 2 inches lowest in front from the factory )