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The global incense burner market has been growing since the pandemic. With an increasing number of people turning to meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness, the global incense burner market size is projected to reach $20 billion by 2030.

What are the trends in backflow incense burners?

Based on aesthetics, a particular segment of the market that people highly favor is waterfall incense burners. Large incense waterfalls are a spectacular way of burning incense that your customers will love. According to studies, stores found their sales increase by 130-142 percent after introducing smoke waterfalls and backflow cones to their product line. So, there is no better time to stock up your store with wholesale incense falls from

How do backflow incense burners differ from regular ones?

Unlike regular incense burners, backflow burners are specially designed to create smoke that flows downwards and not upwards. This creates a dramatic cascading effect as the smoke pours down various cool backflow incense burner figures and will catch your customer’s eye. You should consider stocking up different aroma waterfall designs for your customers to choose from. For instance, buddha backflow incense burners, dragon incense waterfalls, fairy backflow incense burners, and more.

Does the incense waterfall need special cones?

Backflow cones differ from regular ones since they are designed to make backflow burners perform their backward function. Backflow cone incense has a hole inside and is heavier than air, which results in the smoke flowing downwards.

Once you light a backflow incense, it will immediately begin to produce smoke that swirls and twist through the hole and down over the waterfall incense cone holder to the pool at the bottom. Your customers will find it incredible to watch and very relaxing.

What are reverse flow incense burners made of?

Waterfall incense burners are either ceramic or metallic. Ceramic backflow incense burners are made of clay that is fired at higher temperatures. On the other hand, metallic modern backflow incense burners are made of copper.

Waterfall incense burners create a beautiful optic effect while giving off soothing aromas, which is why they can be a perfect addition to your store to boost sales. So, what are you waiting for? Buy wholesale backflow incense burners from for your store today!

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