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You will find the exact wholesale indian silk fabric shipment you need right here on Alibaba.com, one of the biggest marketplaces for B2B shipment in the world. We have options in 100 percent silk fabric to satisfy uses in dresses, upholstery and even industrial applications like parachute manufacturing.

For use in clothing, there are several indian silk fabric options. 100 pure mulberry silk fabric is the most popular variety of silk in the world and accounts for about 90% of all the silk produced. It is used in clothing items like formal wear, ties and scarves. 100 silk charmeuse fabric and pure mulberry silk fabric is also especially popular for use in bridal wear as brides want the most special fabric on their special day. Additionally, these 100 natural silk fabric options are also used for premium bedding for those looking to lie in the lap of luxury.

For industrial use, we have indian silk fabric options. 100 natural silk fabric is a strong and elastic material which makes it perfect for use in parachute manufacturing. In fact, during the world war, soldiers used to save their parachutes for their brides to make dresses out of. Bicycle tires use silk in their casing because of its lightweight qualities and it is also used for medical sutures in hospitals.

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