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The heating part of workpiece can be set according to the different technological requirements of workpiece during heat treatment by using numerical control programming. patent certificate Our Service Pre-Sales Service * Inquiry and consulting support. After-Sales Service * Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

Copper And Brass Tube Brazing Welding Induction Machine Adoping MOSFGT and IGBT inverting device, tracking frequency automatically High frequency, heated quickly, its powei consumption is only 20%~30% of eletronic tube induction heating machine and other heating style. at this moment, the character of the eddy current relies in that the induction heating on the object nearby the coil is outwardly strong but inwardly weak. this heating body can be concentratedly heated where needed to achieve instantly effect, thereby the production output and work capacity are both improved .

The advantage for use the alloy cutter welding: (1). heating uniform, so no lack solder joints and leakage solder joints. (6). once can weld multiple workpieces, so that can greatly increased welding efficiency. (4).

5. customized service : make machine according too customer's actual working situation . 6.No special foundations required,low operating cost,easy operation. 6.Customized services,which made machines as per customer's requirement .

· Accurate Control The interface offers two basic control modes to choose including temperature control and power control . 3)Installation and clerks training 4)Spare and wearing parts for free or with big discount 5)Any feedback of machines can be told to us, and we will try our best to support you. 2. What's the delivery time for sample and bulk order9 Normally for machines in stock, will deliver within 5 days, if not, 7-30 days according to your order.

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Give your welding business a productivity and efficiency boost with sensational induction brazing machine available at enticing offers on Alibaba.com. These induction brazing machine are loaded with groundbreaking innovations that make welding easy and satisfying. They incorporate advanced materials and designs that promote high-level performance throughout their unrivaled long lifespans. The induction brazing machine consume low electric power while maintaining specified outputs, whether used in personal activities or for business purposes.

Advanced inventions behind these induction brazing machine designs and styles make them highly flexible and applicable in a broad variety of welding tasks. The induction brazing machine are not adversely affected by extreme heat or cold, which makes them suitable and applicable in a wide range of weather conditions. They come with a wide selection that considers numerous factors and users’ preferences, therefore, shoppers are assured of finding the best fitting induction brazing machine for their needs.

The affordability of these induction brazing machine on Alibaba.com is bewildering, considering their unlimited power and astounding outputs. The induction brazing machine operational and maintenance costs are also unbelievably low due to readily available spare parts and their ease of repair. They are also easy to install and use, ensuring that you don’t waste your productivity due to technicalities. Nonetheless, you may contact various induction brazing machine suppliers and sellers on the site in case you need further guidelines.

Take your welding business to the next level with the enticing induction brazing machine at Alibaba.com. You may also buy them for personal use in your home. No matter the nature of your goals, you will find the best-suited induction brazing machine to fulfill them. Enjoy the discounts today and discover that you can pay affordable prices for quality products.