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What is a centrifugal machine?

Centrifugal machines use centrifugal force in order to act as a blower, fan, or separator. These machines are commonly found in factories as they are used in building heavy duty machinery customarily used in separating edibles & enzymes, manufacturing washing machines for commercial use, and assembling highspeed centrifuges used in labs to separate compounds at a molecular level. Fortunately, these machines are readily available through Alibaba.com.

Types of centrifuge machines

Centrifugal machines vary in size, which means bigger machines are better used by enterprises doing product manufacturing. For instance, part of producing crispy potato chips is to remove excess water or starch from potatoes, for which the uncooked chips need to be drained by using strong centrifugal force. These types of machines are available in massive sizes, which can contain up to 90 kilos in tare. The price for this type also varies depending on its size and what raw products it would be used for, but generally, it ranges from $4,000 to 20,000. In order to set your proper expectations, since these are sourced from manufacturers directly, assembling & shipping charges may apply as well.

Another type of industrial centrifuge machine is more commonly used in manufacturing laundry machines and spinners. Since these are sold as parts of washing machines, they are purchased as bare engines that will then be installed into a washing machine during the manufacturing process. Its price ranges from $1,800 to $3,500, depending on the size and customization.

Additionally, Alibaba.com also features lab centrifuge machines. These blood spinner machines are naturally smaller in size since these carry batches of test tubes or blood collection tubes. The medical centrifuge machines are spun to separate compounds such as plasma or hemoglobin from the blood. The prices vary depending on capacity, but generally range from $2,000 to $10,000.

There are more options to choose from, such as oil centrifuge machines. These are just some of the centrifugal machines which can be sourced from Alibaba.com.

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