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About industrial centrifuge

An industrial centrifuge machine is a great solution to separate components of different densities. It works by employing a high rotational speed so that the denser molecules will move in the direction of the periphery, while the molecules with lesser density will be subjected to move in the path toward the center.

Applications of industrial centrifuges

The pharmaceutical industry and chemical industries have a great demand for centrifuge technology. For example, the industrial centrifuge can be used for blood separation, virus research, DNA research, pharmaceutical purification, etc. Moreover, the industrial centrifuge helps to reduce the environmental impact in the case of chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Also, the large-scale centrifuge is widely used in the industry that has to deal with several heterogeneous mixtures, such as biotechnology, agriculture, and food processing industries. Aside from separating solids and liquids, industrial centrifuges can also be used to wash and dry various solids, such as polystyrene beads, clarify liquids, and concentrate solids.

Types of industrial centrifuges

There are various types of industrial centrifuges. For example, "decanter industrial centrifuge" and "vertical centrifuge" are frequently referenced in that field. They're both used to separate solid particles from one or two liquids by using a high centrifugal force. However, an industrial decanter centrifuge is mainly used as a drilling mud solid control equipment in the drilling site for solid-liquid separation, and a vertical centrifuge is very important for drilling waste management in an oil field. An oilfield centrifuge works by using high centrifugal force to centrifuge oil and gas from solid and liquid contaminants. It can also separate any immiscible liquid contaminants from the oil and gas. What's more, it's a cost-effective solution for tank bottom processing because the centrifuge reduces the sludge on the tank bottom, and the cleaning cost is relatively lower. When it comes to metal casting centrifuges, they can produce components of high material soundness as the centrifugal force acts to distribute the molten metal in the mold at pressures with very high levels. Therefore, centrifuge casting is the technology of choice for applications like jet engine compressor cases and hydro wear rings.