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Most of these industrial furnace products use the electrical induction systems to provide melting heat. Plus, they make use of hydraulic pressure systems to provide tilting force to the furnace pot. Whether you want a large or a smaller industrial furnace, you can always find suitable machines on Alibaba.com. You can buy them at wholesale prices from global wholesalers. Browse through Alibaba.com and check out prices and available varieties.

Melting is done using either an open furnace or an enclosed one. Some require two pots, one for melting and the other for transporting the molted metal to where it’s needed. Most wholesale industrial furnace provide temperatures between 2,100 to 1,750 degrees Celsius, which is enough to melt most metals. Melting speed can fall within 40 to 60 minutes depending on the type of metal and the machine used. Melting pots are capable of tilting up to 95 degrees, which is enough to pour all the molten metal out of the pot. Each furnace has a water-cooling system that helps to cool hot metal. A PLC system is used to operate the industrial furnace.

Find industrial furnace products from Alibaba.com and enjoy wholesale prices from Alibaba.com manufacturers. Choose from the wide variety available, from small options weighing 100kg to large ones weighed up to 20 tons. These machines can reach temperatures of up to 1,750 degrees, which is enough to melt iron, steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, platinum, among other metals. industrial furnate products are secured from electrical fault by circuit breakers, which shut the machine down if a fault occursously Buy these machines in bulk from global wholesalers and enjoy low prices and great after-sales services. Check out Alibaba.comcom for available varieties and prices.