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JOAN Laboratory Industrial Magnetic Stirrer Used 2000ml Brand Name: JOANLAB Product Name: Hotplate Stirrer With Digital Display Material of panel: Aluminum panel with ceramic cover Speed(r.p. m): 0-2000 Heating Power: 600W Name Type Picture Plate S ize Description Heating Temperature Max Stirred Volume Notes Magnetic stirrer with hot plate HS-12A 12*12 cm Heating 380°C 1 L Aluminium panel HS-12B Stiring / HS-12 Heating and stiring 380°C HS-17A 17*17 cm Heating 380°C 3 L HS-17B Stiring / HS-17 Heating and stiring 380°C HS-19A 19*19 cm Heating 380°C 5 L Ceramic panel HS-19B Stiring / HS-19 Heating and stiring 380°C HSC-19 Digital display heating and stiring 350±10% Vicky Email:Vicky Tel&Whatapp:86-18105722517 Tel: 86-572-2266665 Fax: 86-572-2266665 Skype: thesameto517 Joan Lab Equipment Co. ,Ltd Add:2066# Gangnan Road,Huzhou(near shanghai) Zhejiang, China

The Aseptic magnetic mixer are widely used in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries in ultra-sterile applications including mixing, Diluting, maintaining in suspension, thermal exchange, etc. The Aseptic magnetic mixer provide absolute assurance that there can be no contact between the tank internals and the outside atmosphere due to the fact that there is no penetration of the tank shell and no mechanical shaft seal. Features and benefits of The Aseptic magnetic mixer 1. No penetration of the tank shell and no mechanical shaft seal allow an aseptic design to meet current pharmaceutical requirements.

The out magnetic ring rolates with the inner magnetic ring,and make the agitation shaft rotate according,the inner ring and outer ring are separated by the seal cover. The reactor cavity and the out environment are separated by a seal cover. So it is one of the most reliable No-leak desigh,and a necessities for no-leak reactor.

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Shop for industrial magnetic stirrer at to fill a factory floor and keep efficiency high. Many different types are available for making everything from lipsticks to powder makeup. Purchase industrial magnetic stirrer and maintain a production line moving quickly with automation will also help reduce labor costs. Manufacture safe and colorful products quickly and cheaply while building up an entire brand. Some devices can even be repurposed for food or medicine production.

Various industrial magnetic stirrer can be found, including machines that can fill lipstick tubes. Other models are capable of producing different types of creams or mixing and pressing powder into eye-shadow. Most designs are built with simple controls that are easy for workers to learn. Sturdy stainless steel parts help ensure each machine can work for a long time without the need for excessive repairs and maintenance.

Get industrial magnetic stirrer at and browse many suppliers with excellent customer service options. Choose between different power requirements to help keep energy usage within a manageable range. With various weights and designs to choose from, it is easy to find a model that will fit the intended facility without trouble. Some suppliers offer multiple machines together in a set, allowing a full-sized production line to be set up right away.

With great industrial magnetic stirrer points at, companies can stick to a budget when making all kinds of quality makeup and beauty products. Find different models that can be set up for operations of all sizes. Browse industrial magnetic stirrer and find exactly the right machine needed to make something customers will love.