Industrial Meat Bowl Cutter

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It can not only be meat, meat, fat main raw material finely, but also the other materials such as water, ice, seasoning, meat product with additional mixing together into a homogeneous emulsion. Select the appropriate speed according to the different requirements of the combination of three to six groups of tools to cooperate, can shorten the operation time, reduce the material quantity of heat, can keep the natural color of fillings. We always choose the most economical and reliable shipping company to make sure you receive the goods in time.

You can add starch, soy sauce, water and other additives to the shredding and blending process to increase production. 4. Are you providing training about machine installation and operation9 Yes, our engineer can teach your workers in our or your factory. 6. How long the lead time is9 Usually 2-9 weeks, depends on the machine you ordered.

We have produced this machine for more than 10 years and HENTO brand is becoming more and more popular. Many companies in China bought machines from our company,and resold them in the international market. What is more,our company have passed the supplier assessment of German TUV Rheinland and Swiss SGS.

40L to 500 L Industrial meat bowl cutter/meat mixer machine /commercial meat Packaging & Shipping 1. What kind of meat as raw material can be processed by this machine9 The machine mainly used for processing poultry meat, such as chicken, duck, goose and Rabbit. Meanwhile, it can process whole chicken, chicken carcass, chicken parts and chicken skeleton 3. What are advantages of your deboning machine9 * Adopts stainless steel for the whole machine body * Low roation speed for processing and low temperature rising when processing, which guarantee meat fiber not destroyed and orginal taste. * Easy unloading and cleaning for convenient maintenance * Can continuously work for 24 hours 4. What is its delivery time9 Delivery Time: 25~60 days, different model with different delivery time.

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Invest in industrial meat bowl cutter from to make shredding meat easier and efficient. They are machines designed to shred meat into a paste with a rotating blade. They are highly powered to enhance their capabilities. These modern industrial meat bowl cutter make it so much easier to mince meat. They ensure the food is smooth, thick and consistent as compared to other means of meat spreading. The machines are high performance and are absolutely worth the money. industrial meat bowl cutter help ensure a better product, texture, high yield, and quality.

industrial meat bowl cutter are made from stainless steel which is hard and durable; this helps ensure a long term performance over a long period of time. The chances of damage or needed repairs are very minimal. Buyers can enjoy every minute of the high technology industrial meat bowl cutter. They are the ideal machines for sausage and meat processing. They blend in the mixtures perfectly and automatically into an emulsifying product which is then taken and utilized later. industrial meat bowl cutter are widely used in manufacturing company and in homes.

The industrial meat bowl cutter feature a spindle nose that employs a three-layer sealing design. Their high-speed rotation cutters significantly shorten the running time which helps to save on time. The blades are uniform and very adjustable. A waterproof design makes them easy to clean and to maintain. industrial meat bowl cutter come with a control panel and a safeguard design, making them safe and easy to operate. They efficiently improve the work and ease labor. They have a long shelf life with a high capacity performance. Get to and find the right industrial meat bowl cutter. offers a wide selection at an affordable industrial meat bowl cutter. They are one of the greatest inventions ever made and they are by far the easiest and most efficient when it comes to cutting meat. They are noiseless with a tiptop level of hygiene. Get the industrial meat bowl cutter from wholesalers and retailers.