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Dibutyl Phthalate Executive standard: GB11405-89 CAS RN: 84-74-2 English abbreviation: DBP 1. Physical and chemical property: 1.1 Molecular formula: C 16 H 22 O 4 1.2 Molecular weight: 278.35 1.3 Structure formula: Excellent grade First grade Qualified Colority(Pt-Co),number ≤20 ≤25 ≤60 Ester content,g/cm 3 ≥99.5 ≥99.0 ≥99.0 Density(20℃), g/cm 3 1.044~1.048 1.044~1.048 1.044~1.048 Acidity(in KOH),% ≤0.010 ≤0.015 ≤0.030 Flash point, ℃ ≥160 ≥160 ≥160 Colority after heat treated(Pt-Co),number 100 Appearance Transparent oily liquid, no visible impurities 3. Application : DBP has been used as the plasticizer of plastic, rubber and paint. It also has been used as lubricant, emulsifier, stationary liquid for gas chromatography and the solvent with high boiling point. It can be applied on composite solid propellant as plasticizer separately or coordinately.

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At Alibaba.com, you can find different derivatives of. industrial solvents & chemicals ltd at the best prices from the best sellers and manufacturers.. industrial solvents & chemicals ltd are nitrogenous groups that are employed in several industries as they play a crucial role in multiple organic reactions. The amine derivatives are usually formed by substituting a hydrogen group and adding an aryl or alkyl group. 

industrial solvents & chemicals ltd have several types and a wide variety of derivatives, such as aniline, amino acids and trimethylamine, that you can purchase easily from Alibaba.com. There are two types of amines depending upon their nature. Aliphatic amines are groups where the nitrogen group is connected to an alkyl group (a carbon chain). In contrast, aromatic amines are molecules where the nitrogen is attached to an aryl group [an aromatic ring]. Based on the number of substituents attached to carbon, there are three types of amines: primary (attached to one carbon chain and two hydrogens), secondary (attached to two separate carbon chains and one hydrogen) and tertiary (attached to three separate carbon chains).

industrial solvents & chemicals ltd and their derivatives are used in several industries. In the dye industry, methyl orange and sunset yellow FCF are commonly used, among others. A vast number of amine derivatives are used in the drug industry, such as amphetamine, chlorpheniramine, chlorpromazine, nortriptyline, and morphine. In the gas treatment industry, multiple amine derivatives (such as monoethanolamine, diglycolamine, and methyl diethanolamine) are used for removing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide off streams of natural gas and refinery process.

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