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The need for industrial steam irons is getting higher nowadays mainly because they can speed up the process of ironing clothes.

Different types of industrial steam iron and their features

Heavy-duty industrial steam iron has "Optimal temp" technology. This technology allows the temperature of the iron to suit the clothing material automatically, so it can comfortably be used without worrying about the clothes being damaged or burned. Garment steam press machine and industrial clothes iron presents a 2-in-1 iron in the form of an ordinary iron combined with a steam iron, in which one can just remove the top of the iron to add water for steam ironing mode. One of the advantages of the industrial garment steamer is that it can be used in three ways at once; the garments can be steamed in hanging, tilted, or horizontal positions. It is because the steamer is designed with a blend of standard and handheld concepts. The industrial steam press and industrial electric steam iron can sterilize clothes as the steam produced not only serves to remove wrinkles but also kills bacteria on clothes. Industrial steam iron with a boiler has an estimated non-stop evaporation duration of about 13 minutes, which means that one can iron lots of clothes and get the job done quickly without the hassle of constant small trips to add water. Industrial steam press iron can also be used for bedding, curtains, and even crouches for a smooth, neat, and germ-free fabric surface. The handle of industrial irons and steamers can rotate up to 90 degrees so that it is practical to maneuver from various angles.

How to keep steam irons in good condition

Firstly, it is important to empty the water tank after each use to prevent the crust from forming, which will increase the possibility of the steam iron being damaged. Secondly, fill the tank only with clean water. There are some people who would fill this tank using fabric softener for better-smelling clothes. However, this kind of behavior should be forbidden due to divergence in the pH value between the water and the fabric softener. With a difference in pH that cannot be tolerated by the water tank, the fabric softener will most likely turn to the crust. The last step to avoid damage is to keep the ironing board clean. With the presence of water vapor coming out of the side of the base, there is a possibility that the accumulated moisture will create rusting on the ironing machine.

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