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Iron sand is a source of magnetic material which is often used as raw material in the steel industry. Iron sand is formed through weather and sea waves crashing into the rock containing iron minerals, which is then accumulating and being washed by waves of seawater.

Different types of iron sands and their features

Cast iron sand is a type of iron sand that is generally dark grey or black in color. This type of sand is composed of magnetite, Fe304, as well as small amounts of titanium, silica, manganese, calcium, and vanadium. Steel is one of the important materials in the structure of a building because it is known for its strength and durability. It is made from sand-blasting cast iron, which is processed and separated into pure iron, which is then directly processed into steel during the process of cast iron sand casting and ductile iron sand casting. Black iron sand contains raw materials for making cement which has a stronger power strength compared to other materials. The benefits of ferrous sand are that its application in the biomedical field is still in the research stage since iron sand is believed to have some medicinal properties. Antibacterial material from sand cast iron can be used as an ingredient in products which benefits are as a protector from bacteria. Examples of protection products include antiseptic and antibacterial soaps. Thus, the use of iron sand in the medical field contains an economic value for certain industries and society. The benefit of iron ore sand is that it can be used to increase the compressive and tensile strength of concrete.

Ways to preserve iron sand

The method of preserving iron sand can be done through an environmental approach which is green management, so that the iron sand mining area is not damaged. Because iron sand is a major raw material for several industries, the conservation of this natural resource through alternative substitutes is necessary. Since this resource may run out someday, it must be used and managed properly. Another way that can also be put forward is an educative approach to mining companies. The importance of educating the public about iron sand resources and the negative effects of mining should be emphasized.