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        Q: Islamic/arab clothing???? PLEASE HELP!!?
A: they wear something similar to thobe but wider and with colors and jwels incorporated in it . furthermore they wear lots of gold and jwels especially if these people are wealthy . they put a scarf or a turban above the head with colours vary from what the mens wear .   there exists a good Arabic historic series in youtube wherever you can find what you 're 're looking for in particular the actresses there have nicely extant what women wear in the early Islamic era .   here 's the connection :  time 3:30 the actress portrayed as the wife of the Caliph  http : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=OzzMAeHJF0c   this link also ought to be helpful  http : //www.alrakami.com/vb/t4844.html 

Q: What are the Islamic Empire's rulers?
A: There is no Islamic ruler , as Islam is a religion , not a country . An Islamic state 's called a Caliphate and , therefore , the ruler of the state 's called a Caliph , but he 's not like a pope is to Christianity . He 's more like a governor , just a leader of the state . 

Q: Islamic/arab clothing???? PLEASE HELP!!?
A: Khadijah 's the firstly wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad .   I will give you some ideas for the costsume you required to wear :  1 ) A hijab- symbolises modesty . ( If you did n't hear what a hijab is check the following link )  http : //www.thehijabshop.com/press/images/THS_IKEA-HIJAB_01.jpg  2 ) Khadija must have worn loose- fitting clothing since they is helpful in Saudi Arabia 's desert climate . You can wear the abaya which is loose fitting but covering the whole body . ( If you did n't hear what an abaya is laterly check the following link )  http : //coveredinfashion.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/abaya3.jpg   You can purchase abaya and hijab online . Good luck with your scool project .  : )