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Professional YAG jewelry laser welding machine Wholesale 200w jewelry laser welding repairing machine

https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/O1CN01s1DGzt1CPTmRJtZXo_!!6000000000073-2-tps-120-48.pngProfessional YAG jewelry laser welding machine Wholesale 200w jewelry laser welding repairing machine

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$2,650.00 - $2,750.00
Min Order: 1 set
Shipping per piece: $1,057.00
Warranty: 1 Year
Laser Source Brand: Raycham
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The jewelry laser spot milling machine is specially designed for the repairing and spot welding of various precisions on jewelry materials in the laser cutting industries.

Different types of jewelry laser welding machines and their features

Jewelry welder has good penetration and produces a narrow heat-affected zone. The jewelry laser welder is a high-precision welding machine designed for both small and large carpentry sectors. Laser soldering machine jewelry is a welding machine for carbon steel, HSLA steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and jewelry materials. This machine is also very dominant in the automotive, aeronautical, tool-making and jewelry industries. Spot welder for jewelry works by utilizing a Ytterbium (Yag) fiber laser beam and produces a high welding accuracy without the need for routine maintenance. It is a manual welding laser that is designed to weld workpieces faster with precision. Laser soldering jewelry operates at a wavelength of 1000 μm and produces light output in the infrared region of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye and well absorbed by conductive materials. Jewelry laser welding machine is very suitable for jewelry industries that require laser machines with a premium build and very low operational costs in terms of jewelry welding machine price on the market. Jewelry welder machine is one of the important aspects in the application of laser material processing technology. It can be used for the precise welding of small sensitive parts in lead and alloy circuits, optoelectronic devices, electronics, communications, machinery, automobiles, the military industry, and gold jewelry.

Working principles of a jewelry laser welding machine

Laser welding works with two main principles, namely, heat conduction and deep penetration. In terms of heat conduction laser welding, laser energy is transferred to the workpiece by means of heat conduction only. The workpiece's thermal conductivity limits the maximum weld depth, so the width of the weld is always greater than the depth. On the other hand, deep penetration laser welding uses a laser for high-speed welding. The narrow and deep penetration allows the internal structure to be welded uniformly. Since the heat-affected zone is small, distortion of the base material due to welding can be minimized.

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