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The popular Jordan shoe clock is a specially designed clock. It serves as a timepiece and an attractive piece of artwork. Jordan's clock is ideal for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Basketball fans and lovers of the Air Jordan shoe series will love the bold 12-inch circular design. The Air Jordan's clock has 12 mini 3D shoes with hooks. Users can rearrange the mini shoes to suit their taste. Micheal Jordan's shoe wall clock is made of durable medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and PVC. MDF is a hard material, and it is difficult to crack or flex. MDF offers high resilience to atmospheric moisture.

How Does a Jordan Sneaker Clock Work?

Jordan sneaker clocks operate silently. Their second-hand sweeps through the 360-degree clock path without making any ticking sound. The clock movement is powered by a battery, and a tiny quartz crystal ensures silent and accurate hand movement. The second hand just glides over the inner clock surface of the Jordan clock with mini shoes. Silent clocks like Jordan's wall clock give serenity, allowing homeowners to work and rest without the persistent ticking of the clock.

What Is The Use of a Jordan Shoe Clock?

Michael Jordan's shoe clock is ideal for sprucing up a room with its elegant shape and design. It can stand out and serve as a centerpiece in a room. The white, red, and black colors enable it to create a focal point. Jordan's shoe wall clock is perfect for spicing up a room during a quick upgrade. It can also serve as a talking point when Jordan shoe enthusiasts meet in a home. The Air Jordan sneaker clock can be part of a clock gallery wall. It will stand out among other clock shapes and designs. Also, the clock may be personalized and sent to someone as a birthday gift.

What Are The Benefits of Silent Non-Ticking Hands?

The silent sneaker wall clock allows people who are sensitive to the noise of the ticking clock to have good sleep at night. Babies, who easily get distracted by clock-ticking, can sleep well with the quietness of this clock. The Air Jordan 3D sneaker clock also allows professionals and students to concentrate on their studies. Moreover, non-ticking wall clocks are trending timepieces.

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