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        Q: Where can I learn how to sew?
A: Where learn lessons - You can begin by checking with your local fabric and notion storing . They generally offer a choice of classes and a beginninging sewing class are generally offered . I also took a sewing class when I was in college , in the USA . ( Which is pleasant since they provided the machine and I said you did n't one . ) I primarily learned from my mom and it has started to teach me when I was 7 . You can also verify out books from the library or searching for tutorials online . There 's even sewing video tutorials . A two of my favourite books that you are able get from the library or on-line are :   Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol - Great beginning book . Gives lots of basic/starting withfo and thereforeme simple projects . The instructions 're not too in-depth though .   Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson - Personally my favourite sewing book . The projects perre more for an advance beginner . However , she gives AWESOME directives on basic sewing proficiencies . If I were a beginner I would read that part of her book . So read that part firstly , subsequently go on to the projects .   Cost - Sewing is feasible to more expensive . However , it is dependent on what materials you decide you `` must '' have and what you 're sewing . To me , a sewing machine was necessary . But you are able wish to borrow one or take a class before you take the plunge . If you purchase a sewing machine , is anticipated to pay $ 150 - 200 USD for a NEW sewing machine with the fundamental functions . You can find utilized ones for cheaper and I know people love them just as much as a new one . You just have to done a lot of looking . Again , beginning with fabric or notion storing . They generally let you 're trying out the machine so you are able see if you 're comfortable with it . They also can let you are aware what functions are a `` must '' for a firstly machine . The basic supplies you will be required are : a machine - if requireded , scissors , rotary cutter , pins , security pins , measuring tape , seam gauge , marking pencil , threading , and seam ripper . There are far more however , it is contingent upon what you 're sewing . ( ie : quilt , garment , simple craft , etc )   Expected to Bring - Again well , it depends on the class/project/what you have or do n't . But you are able is anticipated to always bring the `` basic '' sewing supplies .   Handedness - I has never hear of any disadvantaged to being left sideed . However I am right handed , so ...   There are loads of enormous blogs and locations out there , devoted to sewing . Just do a searching and see what 's out there . Also , when you 're starting to , pick a simple project as your firstly . ( an apron , pajama pants , rapid blanket , simple purse or wallet , etc ) And reading and reread directions , it will save you grief ! ! ! This way you are able are concentrated on learning the proficiencies and methods of sewing rather than getting disnominated as and hating sewing . I have liked to sew and find it curative and therefore reward . 

Q: Any recommendations for a sewing machine?
A: http : //answers.yahoo.com/question/index ? ... is my standards beginner answering , but you are not a beginner -- which is advantageous , because you 'll feel the variance in machines when you go shopping . At under $ 300 , I believe you can find a good new mechanical , perhaps an electronic on clearance , and nearly is certainly very good used machine .   Best way I are familiar with assessment a pile of machinery is to make buttonholes . Bad machines do not make good buttonholes . And when you go shopping , take a pile of truly challenging fabrics with you , as well as a listing of all the sewing tasks you hate to do -- you are able weli 'm finding a machine that makes those work easier or somebody may have an easier way of doing a job you hate . ( Last time I went machine shop , I mentioned I hated doing waistband elastic , and got demonstrated an couple of good gimmicks . In turning , I has managed to show her a way of setting a sleeve that she ha n't done before . )   Another good task to sort through sewing machines is to make welt pockets or bound buttonholes on them . If you did n't hear how , here is a good tutorial following website/www.fashion-incubator.com/archives ... ( once you have done here are a fewse at house , you 'li 'm finding the machines that is lower specific in the firstly stitching , normally . )   Have fun shop ! Remember , if you 've got cash , you are able bargain at most stores ... in particular for accessories like additional presser feet . 

Q: What impact did sewing machine had on American history?
A: The sewing machine significantly influenced the textiles sector and women 's . Because women were the ones establishments engaged in the textile mills they were the ones 's using the machine is , however some believes that , this would infringe on their craft as qualified seamstresses . Others thought this to be a wonder and believe it freed them pursued further other things instead of sit house and sew clothes . In some way the women co-operation with the machines profited a new skill , and be perceived as significant for the industry .   The sewing machine enabled garment become states a mass produced item which widened the societal accepted to the sewing machine . Besides the commercial sewing machine , the household machine becomes very popular when it became electrical . If you ha electrified in your home you would have been able a sewing machine and it 's even easiest and quicker than the hand powered models .   The sewing machine also assisted other industries grow , for instance the necessity of achieving significant quantities of threading for factory machines . Others took advantage of sewing machines such as metal corporations for needles and parts , differed machinists to repair the machines where necessary , vessel corporations have a lot more business because more products were being made .   Advertising becomes ,n substantial part of the sale of the machine . Singer advertised at fairs , storage and even the circus to attract women to his machine . Advertisements for the sewing machine popped up anywhere , from new papers , fliers , and pamphlets .   The sewing machine was n'tt only for the garment industry , however , it commencement becoming an substantial part in the productions of other goods . Furniture with upholstery , auto seats , curtains or drapes , towels , toys , even books employed the u.s.ed of the sewing machine .