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The kids learning pads have a pen to write on the screen and a button to erase. It is easy to use and kids enjoy writing on these pads. They can learn to write and to draw without wasting paper. The kids' pad is environmentally friendly since it saves paper. The pad has a long-lasting and replaceable battery. The educational pads have a large writing surface to give a note-book feel. The touch screen is durable and non-toxic. It is not harmful like mobiles because it doesn't have radiations, which are harmful to the eyes. This can be a learning with fun device for kids.

The android tablet pc is a smart and compact device. It has Bluetooth connectivity via which it gets easily connected with phones to create and save on the phone or pc. The pen has more control and precise writing. The pen works with electromagnetic resonance. It writes and draws without any fuss and without making hands dirty. The tablet is slim and kids can easily hold them. The kids' pad and tablets from Alibaba.com come in two sizes and different color options. Select the size and color according to the choice.

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