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Kids' trampolines are popular as a gift for the holidays or birthdays. In addition to being a fun trampoline toy, a small net trampoline can also offer a multitude of health benefits.

Heart Health on Kids' Trampolines

Sure, it's fun to play on a children's trampoline. But did you know that it's good for them, too? By increasing the heart rate daily with 10 minutes of jumping up and down, your kids are actually strengthening their heart muscles and improving their cardiovascular system.

Kids' Trampolines Encourage Endorphins

Endorphins are hormones that are released by your body to relieve pain and lessen stress, which improves one's mood. By simply bouncing on a 4.5-ft trampoline, the children's energy is increased by the additional oxygen circulating in their bloodstream, which in turn stimulates their endorphins and makes them happier.

Find Your Center of Balance on the Children's Trampoline

Bouncing on a Balls trampoline may look simple, but doing so necessitates coordination. This is even more true with children, who have yet to perfect their balance. Playing on a Paw Patrol trampoline can enhance kids' center of balance, motor skills, and concentration. It is also a wonderful way to meet their sensory stimulation requirements.

Learning Through Leaping on Your Small Net Trampoline

While they're engaged in playing on their Moxie trampoline, your kids are learning! New research indicates that physical activity can improve kids' learning skills. This trend is known as "exer-learning", which is a combination of "exercise" and "learning". This helps to reduce anxiety and stress as well.

Get Some Fresh Air on a Children's Trampoline

With all of the technology and distractions readily available in today's world, getting your children outside to enjoy a sunny day can be a challenge. Get them a Lifespan trampoline to motivate them to get outside and get some sun! They will get vitamin D while they're jumping on their small outdoor trampoline, and they'll have fun doing it! The vitamin D they get from playing on their Jumpzylla trampoline will enhance bone health, as well as improve the immune system and provide anti-cancer benefits.