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Knives are a common tool that we take for granted. These indispensable tools are used in cooking, hunting, building, and even self-defense. Indeed, nearly nothing marries past and present more poignantly than a knife.

A knife usually has two main parts, a handle, and the knife blade. The blade has the cutting edge, and is considered the heart and soul of the knife. These come in different types, shapes, materials, and sizes, to suit a wide variety of needs.

Common types of knife blades

Knife blade types can be categorized in a lot of ways but mainly according to their knife blade shapes and the materials used in making them. Some examples of the various knife blade designs in use today are the hook knife blades and triangle knife blades. Some unusual knife blade shapes also exist, primarily for use as art installations, collection pieces, and self-defense knives. One is the spiral knife blade.

Other types of knives

Though the primary use of knives nowadays is for cooking, they are still widely used in activities such as camping and hunting. These are the perfect setting for swivel knife blades as they can store out of the way without needing a separate blade guard. It's worth mentioning that these knives would have a serrated blade, helping them to cut through wood and meat far more easily than a smooth edged knife blade could.

Materials of knife blades

One of the most common materials used for knife blades is steel as this material blends all the perfect qualities needed in making a good knife: hardness, a good degree of resistance to corrosion, and the ability to bend without breaking. It would also be good to mention that steel is a very economical material to work with, and is fully recyclable. In recent times, however, ceramic knife blades have started to come to the fore as this type of material is much harder than steel and therefore, stays much sharper for a longer period.

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