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Korean BBQ, also called Gogi-GUI in Korean, is a way of grilling marinated meat of any kind at grilling tables. This meat, and even vegetables, are usually cooked on a built-in grill, either electric or charcoal, situated in the middle of the table called Korean BBQ grill tables. These tables offer the unique experience of grilling different kinds of meat and vegetables at the table. These tables are specifically made for indoor and outdoor grilling without requiring a separate griller.

What are Korean BBQ grill tables?

A tabletop Korean BBQ grill is a regular table fitted with a grill in the middle so all the people sitting around the table can reach it and access it to grill and prepare food. These tables can be used indoors and outdoors as they come with an exhaust fan sitting right above the grill to absorb the smoke from them. Because these tables use charcoal, gas, or electricity, it is now possible to have one designated for restaurants to enjoy at home.

Are indoor Korean BBQ grill tables worth it?

Indoor Korean BBQ grill does not just offer a unique experience of grilling, and it also brings families and friends closer to one another. Because grilling in a cast iron Korean BBQ grill requires people to sit together at one table, there is a more intimate atmosphere between people at one table as it allows them to converse while waiting for the meat. Another great thing about these grills is that there are Korean BBQ grill tables for home as those that are available for commercial use, like in restaurants and hotels, which makes the whole grilling process much faster, and the meat can be cooked evenly.

What are the different types of Korean BBQ grills?

Because more foodies are starting to realize the beauty and charm of Korean-style barbecue, people take a more active interest in the utensil for that mouth-watering dish. Over the years, more advanced variations have come out of the market. There are electric Korean BBQ grills that can just be plugged in anywhere. This type shortens the waiting time for the charcoal to fire up while allowing the user to control the heat level generated by the grills. There are also gas Korean BBQ grills that use butane or LPG, suitable for a nice cookout on a sunny summer day.

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