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Cotton handkerchiefs are popular ladies lace handkerchiefs because they are hypoallergenic, functional, absorbent and easy to maintain. Cotton handkerchiefs are available in different types of cotton with different capabilities. Organic cotton sateen handkerchief is a durable type that boasts a shiny finish. Organic cotton sateen handkerchief is soft, lightweight in single ply, and thick in a two-ply hanky. Cotton lawn handkerchief is another durable option that is incredibly light. Cotton lawn handkerchiefs get more absorbent with time. You can wash, use, and reuse this handkerchief as much as you can.

Shop flannel handkerchiefs from our wholesalers on Flannel handkerchiefs are a better option if you have colds or debilitating allergies. Their softness can provide you with extra comfort. A bamboo handkerchief is one of the absorbent fabrics out there. They are thicker, durable, and suitable for kids. This handkerchief can be used wet or dry, has antibacterial properties, and is low maintenance. A silk handkerchief is another good ladies lace handkerchiefs option that you can try. In most cases, silk handkerchiefs are purely decorative and can be doubled up with an absorbent fabric, such as cotton. They are thin and perfect as a pocket square for suits.

If you want a fine option, a linen handkerchief is better for you. Linen handkerchiefs are similar to fine wine. They may not look absorbent at first and may even appear coarse, but linen handkerchiefs get better with use. Linen handkerchiefs become more absorbent and softer with time. Lace handkerchiefs are mostly used for decoration. Lace contour is common among vintage handkerchiefs, and can certainly work as a decorative element on a cotton hanky if you prefer that style. You can also check a variety of ladies lace handkerchiefs such as cotton poplin handkerchief, cotton sateen handkerchief, microfiber handkerchief, and more.