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        Q: Opinions on Tarkett laminate flooring?
A: I know various people including my brother who put laminate in their kitchens and everyone has significantly regretted it . Laminate will absorb water and there exists NO way to totally safeguard it from spilled and the impactss of having to regularly moist mop . It warps , separate and usually looks cr @ ppy within a year or two . It also tend to dent when heavy stuff is dipped on it ( like cans of soup and heavy pots ) . I would never put it in a kitchen or bath .   Have one considersed Home Depot 's Trafficmaster Allure solid vinyl plank flooring ? They have floating self-adhesive ( the planks stick to one another ) and even an interlocking plank version like laminated floors . The stuff looks huge with about three0 or more wood colors and grains , are simple to be installed and way more sustainable than laminate . I have used it in are a few of rooms myself and assistanceed other persons insteverything it in their homes . In fact the gym I are owned by put it in all their work out room . Looks and feels more like wood than most laminated ( sorry , but the majority laminated looks fake ) , represent analogous is costingnd indestructable . 

Q: Pro's and cons of Laminate flooring vs. Bamboo vs. cork?
A: This 's a good issue , unfortunately most websites selling or promotion cork flooring wo n't give you any negatives about cork . I 'll 're trying give you the most suitableest views on cork flooring to assist in you make the rights choice . I gave you the three bestest pros and 3 worstest cons .   Pros  - Cork flooring is a natural renewable resource ( cork , it 's principal material is harvesting through the barking of the cork oak tree )  - Cork flooring obviously resists pests and represents anti-allergic ( this situation is due to Suberin in cork )  - Cork flooring be extremely comfortable a sustainable ( because of the honeycomb like cellular structure which contains 90 per cent gas )   Cons  - Cork flooring was no cheap compared with other wood flooring solutions . As with any other kind of `` green '' or `` environmentally-friendly '' product .  - Cork flooring require a sealer after installation , which are able effect it 's fire resistance properties that it 's occasionally marketed as .  - Cork flooring was no water `` proof '' , it is water resilient and perfect for washrooms and kitchens . However , water underneath a cork floor can damage it in the long run as with any flooring type . Do n't purchased the entire cork stopper\wine bottle theory at face values . 

Q: Laminate flooring over partial vinyl?
A: I have higher-end vinyl in my kitchen and love it . It is easy to cleansing and no worries if water gets on it . It takes the cold and hot weather extremely well too .  Besides , relying on what color/pattern of vinyl you get , any nail scratches wo n't be noticeable , making your floor look new - longer ( though a patterned laminate could provide the same , I presume ) .  We just put a wood laminate in the dining room and always have to be concerned about wiping up water spots promptly .  The vinyl is comfortable even in bare feet ; the laminate harder . IMO , vinyl is the path to go for you .