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About lanyard

A lanyard is a cord or strap that can have multiple functions. The cord or strap is long enough to be worn comfortably around the neck and has a mechanism that can hold or attach a personal item. Wrist lanyards serve the same purpose as one worn around the neck but typically hold smaller items like keys or fobs.

What is a Lanyard?

The word lanyard comes from the French word "lanière,” which means strap. Lanyards are typically made from a strong and durable material like cotton, polyester or nylon. While strap lanyards are the most common, paracord lanyards are also popular since they can be homemade. Lanyards are commonly worn around the neck, reaches the midsection and has an attachment device at the bottom. This attachment device is what makes lanyards useful because they can hold an important item that needs to be visible at times and an item that can not be misplaced.

What are the Uses for Lanyards?

The lanyard design promotes easy access to important items like IDs, keys, medical documentation, credentials and phones. A lanyard for keys is a common way to keep keys visible, accessible and accounted for. This can be an especially effective method for mitigating lost keys. A lanyard with ID holder is useful for workplaces where IDs must be displayed at all times or where IDs are often used throughout the day for entry into buildings or rooms. Lanyards with ID holders are also functional for students who rely on IDs for access to campus buildings, payment or other transactions on campus. Phone lanyards are a helpful way to keep phones close by and accessible and can be useful when a phone must be carried at all times. Customized lanyards can show school pride, advertise businesses and be unique ways to represent brands and sports team support.