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Having laser hair removal is a treatment that aims to eradicate body hair and stop it from regrowing completely. The tools available on use a beam of concentrated light which kills the hair at the follicle. Having a portable laser hair removal device means that treatments can be done as much as necessary for half the standard treatment cost. Both women and men can benefit from these tools to eliminate unwanted body hair from the face, legs and underarms.

The most significant benefit of laser hair removal devices on is their long-lasting effects. Unlike other hair removal methods, these lasers stop hair from appearing again for several months or sometimes even years. Any hair that does grow back will be less coarse and lighter, making it much less noticeable. For some people, these are permanent hair removal tools where the hair never grows back.

Another great benefit of these tools is that they are pain-free. Unlike waxing, electric hair removal devices pass over the skin and give hair a quick snap before moving on to the next area. This treatment is far less painful than removing hair from the roots. Many people who shave experience painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. With handheld laser hair removal treatments, the follicle is killed, which stops ingrown hairs from forming. Skin can also be improved because there isn’t any irritation from shavers or hot wax.

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