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Laser marking machines use a high-powered beam of light to mark, etch, or engrave text or graphics onto a piece of material. Laser engraving machines can be used to engrave aluminum, plastic, metal, and even glass! Laser engravers can be used to mark text, serial numbers, or machine-readable data such as barcodes. There are four main types of laser etching machines depending on the laser wavelength.

CO2 Laser Marking Machines

CO2 lasers have a large variety of marking options like letters/numbers, logos, barcodes, and special graphics. They have a powerful laser tube surrounded by mirrors that produces an intense beam of light that can cut, engrave, and mark with high accuracy. Inside the tube, there is a mixture of gases (mostly nitrogen and helium), which are kept at extremely high pressure.

UV Laser Marking Machines

The UV laser machines are the perfect solution for marking heat-sensitive materials such as plastic and glass. With a wavelength of around 355 nm, the low-power laser marks almost any soft surface while minimizing operating costs since it operates silently and has a low thermal loading effect on the material under treatment.

Fiber Laser Engraving Machines

A fiber laser engraving machine has a wavelength of around 1070nm and is used to mark hard materials such as metal, titanium, and ceramic. This is a high-power laser that can heat up the material so quickly that it fuses the surface of the material and leaves behind a permanent mark.

Green Laser Marking Machines

Green laser engravers emit a bright, tightly-focused beam of highly coherent green light. This wavelength is ideal for marking materials that react poorly to infrared wavelengths such as aluminum foils and clear acrylics. Furthermore, they all offer the capacity to print 2D matrix codes as well as detailed graphics and logos in various formats.