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Lash beds, also known as “lash extension beds,” are specialized furniture designed for eyelash extensions. These beds feature soft padding that provides a comfortable surface for clients to lie down on while getting their lashes done. The padded surface helps ensure a relaxed and stress-free experience, making it easier for technicians to apply the extensions accurately. Lash extension beds also often come with adjustable headrests and armrests, allowing clients to comfortably position themselves during the extension process.

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Setting up an EyeLash Bed

Setting up an eyelash extension bed can seem overwhelming, but by following these steps, it will be a breeze. Start by preparing the space where the bed will be placed. Ensure the surface is clean, level, and free of sharp or hard objects. Then, assemble the bed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Next, it's time to prepare the bedding. Place a clean, soft cushion on the bed, and make sure it is evenly spread out. This will ensure a comfortable and safe surface for clients to lie down on.

Finally, properly position the bed. Ensure it is at the correct height and angle for easy access and comfortable use. Arrange the bed to allow maximum visibility of the client's lashes, making it easier for the lash artist to work their magic.

How to Find the Best Lash Bed

A luxury lash bed offers maximum comfort to clients. It usually features high-quality materials, such as leather or suede, and adjustable headrests and armrests. This type of lash bed is perfect for salons that aim to provide a luxurious experience to their clients.

Curved lash beds feature a curved shape that allows the client to lie comfortably while providing a good view of the lashes to the technician. This type of lash bed is ideal for salons that focus on providing the best possible service to their clients.

Portable lash beds are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for mobile lash technicians or salons with limited space. Despite their portability, they offer the comfort and stability needed for a successful eyelash extension treatment.

Lash chair beds are a hybrid between a traditional lash bed and a salon chair. They provide the comfort of a lash bed and the convenience of a chair, making them a popular choice for salons that need to accommodate a high volume of clients and want to maximize their space.