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        Q: Which is better to get, LED TV or 3-D tv?
A: LED relates to the backlighting in the TV . LCD used CFL 's ( fluorescent ) lights to backlight , while LED used LED 's ... which last even longer , run cooler , and the united statesed less energy . Also , if you wish a thin TV , LED is the path to go .   I have a Sony Bravia KDL55EX710 and love it . Deep blacks , lively colors and a crisp sharp picture in 1080p on blu-ray and ten80i on FiOS .   Plasma are , also extremely good , but have a considerably shorter life expectancy than LCD 's . I have various friends and relatives who got seven years or less out of them ... two of which were Panasonic , which is generally an magnificent television . Plasmas also suffers from burning in . If you 're looking at illustrates in the 4x3 formatting with the vertical black bars , they will burn in ... think Pong from the 7ty 's burn into the CRT 's .   As the other poster pointed out , stay away from the `` bargaining '' or `` leader '' brands advertised at low prices . `` Leader '' brands of today are no various than they were twenty years ago with CRT 's ... they 're cheap and wo n't last .   Personally , I 'm partial to Sony , since they have a proved tracking recording and final for years . My last television was a fifty-three '' rear projection that lasted 13 years after heavy used ... and it 's never serviced .   I did is , however , shopping around and got a terrific dealing online . I got it from tigerdirect.com for $ 1249 shortly before the Super Bowl with different discounts and an addtional $ 100 rebate for using PayPal . Also , no tax and no shipping charging and it 's brought in by lorry . I was n't able be happier . It presently sells for $ 2069 . Sign up for their e-mails listing as they run sales all the time . Right now , they have a 37 '' , 120Hz , 1080p Vizio for $ 299 . These sales rotate all the time , so have patience .   Also , for blur-free films et de games , get at the very least 120Hz refreshing rates . I have no blurred picture during more rapid paced scenes in films .   Hope this assistances . 

Q: Is LED TV really better than LCD TV?
A: YES ! LED TV able to display more pure dark and BLACK colors .  LED TV with 2ms g to g Standard Response time able to `` hide `` away the motion blurring Very well.LED TV use 30-40 percent less Energy than LCD TV .  losing 8 inc in general , to our EYE is no variance for watching TV .  however , in return , you enjoy better photographs quality . more wealthy and pure colors that LCD TV can never reach .  LCD TV even 120 HZ still give you these sorts of motion blurring . perceptible in quick action / sports moves and games . LED TV is comfortable for this wassuance .  of course . Panasonic Plasma TV is PREFECT than LED TV in total photographs quality and Prices .  consider Panasonic Plasma . you defrayed still less in $ and get prefect photographs .  New Panasonic Plasma use very new Plasma technologies . burning in 're not an issuance ! low energy consumption . long life as good as LCD/LED 60,000 hours . 

Q: LED TV really worth that £90 more?
A: Depends of you requirement .  if you 're looking for better photographs quality / better in colors display / more smooth photographs less motion blurring , worth to paid more for LED TV ( LCD-LED BACK LIGHT )  bear in mind . not so easy as `` just variance in back lighting `` . . TV manufacturer take 10 year R & amp ; D for LED back lighting . is really improve for contrast ratio / brightness / well cover to motion blur .40 percent less Energy than ordinary LCD . side by side compare LCD / LED TV . you eye have liked to own an LED TV . unless you budgeting not enable .  if you requirement is exactly an `` coloured TV ' . LCD is advantageous sufficiently ! numerous consumer enjoy LCD TV even low end standard models for the pass 12 years .  also numerous consumers ' defrayed much better for High End LCD TV . also Hi End LED TV . remembers , no body defrayed more for nothings in return .  as today , still numerous intelligent consumers `` think `` just variance in back-light `` . not worth for that prices !  nonetheless , those defrayed much better for LED TV 're not that foolish . as LED the request is huge .