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Lice infestation is an uncomfortable experience both for children and adults. A lice comb is a perfect non-chemical approach to removing lice. The lice comb is designed with its teeth closely spaced to comb out both lice and lice eggs present out of the hair. Its design allows the comb to hold on to the lice until it gets completely off the hair.

Different Types of Lice Combs

One of the commonly used types of lice combs is an electric head lice comb. This type of comb kills lice upon contact by generating a small electric charge. It is worth noting that in the electronic lice comb, the electric charge is not harmful to humans as it is quite low in voltage. The electric lice comb is preferably used on dry hair.

The other type of lice comb is the plastic lice comb. These combs are effective at the initial stages of lice infestation and are part of the lice comb kit. Lastly, there is the metallic lice comb, which is made using stainless steel. This lice comb is fine-toothed and holds the lice within its teeth spaces upon contact. It is used for the removal of lice at their different developmental stages. Regardless of the choice of the lice comb, the spacing between comb's teeth influences its effectiveness. Ideally, the smaller the spacing between the teeth of the lice comb, the more effective the comb is, and vice versa. An ideal lice comb would be the one that removes the lice with their eggs, and a lice comb with small, tightly packed teeth would exactly do that.

How to Use a Lice Comb

The first step is to ensure proper lighting to avoid missing any lice. Divide the hair into about four sections, although this may depend on the density of one’s hair. This will ensure systematic working on the hair for better results. After this, pass the lice comb from the roots of the hair shaft and swipe up to the ends of the hair. During this process, it is important to handle the hair gently to avoid breakage. Dip the lice comb in a container with clean water to remove the lice from the comb. After that, wipe the lice comb using a clean piece of cloth or tissue paper before passing it through the hair again. Repeat the process until getting rid of all the lice from the hair.The lice comb can be used on dry or wet hair. Wet combing is more effective as the water slows lice movement, and the conditioner eases the combing process. However, dry combing is much faster than wet combing and may be preferred for initial lice detection. .

How Often Should One Use a Lice Comb

After the initial use of the head lice comb, subsequent combing should be done within 2-3 days to reduce the probability of re-infestation. After removing the lice, constantly inspect the hair for about two to three weeks to ensure that all lice and nits are completely gone and kill newly hatched eggs. Using the best lice comb regularly would prevent lice infestation, especially if the area is prone to lice infestation.