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lights lighting comes in different colors, and all these colors have different effects on artists. For instance, the red lights speed up the heart rate and intensify emotions. This color is also suitable for album cover photoshoots. On the other hand, blue lights lighting calms down people's emotions while orange improves concentration and sharpens a person's thinking. The natural light lightens the mood in the room and makes people happy. This is the ideal mood for creating and recording music.

There are different lights lighting ideas for lighting up your music studio. It all depends on your taste and preferences or your budget. The first idea is using strip lights. Strip lights are a great way to add a softer lighting effect to your music recording studio. These lights have an adhesive backing, and you need to apply them carefully on the surfaces. Strip lights are commonly used to light up spaces beneath cabinets or as decorative lighting for furniture. You can also use them to can also be used to highlight the border of your windows or mirrors. The second idea of lights lighting is by using a lava lamp. This is a low-cost studio lighting fixture that instantly improves the ambiance of a studio. It fills your room with warm and attractive illumination when the liquid droplets in these lights mix and flow around your light. This might help you calm your mind and improve your creativity.

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