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Cement kiln is mainly used for calcining cement clinker production of dry and wet cement kiln cement kiln production of two categories. 2) Besides main driving unit for driving system, it is also fitted with the auxiliary driving unit so as to ensure the kiln body still can rotating when the main motor is powered off and prevent it from deforming. Mine-selecting equipment is applicable to select non-ferrous metal ore such as iron, copper, gold, silver, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese and non-metal ores such as fluorite and quartz.

Thus, the commonly used shaft kiln is also known as cement vertical kiln, lime vertical kiln and so on. Lime shaft kiln has many forms, the vertical kiln with continuous operation is mostly adopted. The former is called mixing shaft kiln, the latter is called gas kiln and oil kiln.

The part between the waste gas drawing-out device and the upper burning girder is the preheating zone to preheat line stone. Primary air preheated by waste air, passes the burner girder and enters the kiln , heat energy is made full use of. The kiln is equipped with alarm device to ensure the burner girder works safely when medium (water or heat oil) temperature rises above certain temperature.

4. Vertical preheater has been equipped at the end of the kiln to make full use of high-temperature gases generated during calcining. Besides, it can effectively increase the temperature inside the kiln, thus reducing the fuel consumption. 7. With stable performance, our active lime calcining equipment is also suitable for mine exploitation.

What is Rotary Kiln9 The rotary kiln is the key equipment in cement industry for calcinating clinker. It is the largest manufacturing and export base for heavy mining machinery in china. *If the machine is not consistent with the discription we claimed or our promise before you place the order.

Minimal maintenance is required, because the limestone is brought to the top and into the kiln. Then the limestone is burned (calcined) for a specified time of hours to produce powdered lime. White cement is now very much in demand by the construction industry.

Brief introduction and features of Active Lime Rotary Kiln Calcining Equipment: Rotary kiln is the main equipment for calcining cement clinker. Pics of high temperature activated & quick lime rotary kiln calcining equipment 's working principle: Strcuture of activated & quick lime rotary kiln calcining equipment: It formed by kiln body, sealing device,driving device, supporting device and covers. The rotary body is circled by steel plate, firebricks are inlaid inside the body, there is 3.5% slant angle between the rotary body and horizontal line , three tyre belts are supported on three Supporting devices separately, and a big gear ring is installed in the middle of body.

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High-consumption rotary kilns can create various grades of lime, including soft, medium or hard burned lime, to provide options for every industry. These kilns are ideal for the huge, industrial-scale manufacturing of lime due to their unbelievable productivity of up to a thousand tons of lime daily. Choose more advanced annular lime kilns on Alibaba.com that have lower operating costs due to less fuel consumption. These kilns can similarly produce a variety of grades of lime.

Look for cement plant kilns that operate similarly to lime kilns for the high output production of hydraulic types of cement. Choose from cement kilns capable of wet-process raw mix preparation with a high level of efficiency due to the ease of containing particles. Alternatively, opt for dry process kilns for sale capable of producing cement while consuming less fuel. These kilns typically have lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower costs of operation with cleaner-burning fuels.

Quickly turn a profit with cement and lime kilns from Alibaba.com. These amazing kilns are found at various capacities to support the scale of lime or cement needed for any company. Look for huge kilns to act as a supplier or opt for smaller kilns to produce enough lime or cement to eliminate costly importation for a single business.