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linear rail hsr25

THK Linear Block Carriage And Rail Type Of Guide Ball Loading Method 4 Way Equal Load Type Block Mounting Direction Top Surface Plate cove/steel tape steel tape Seal Type UU Applicable to QZ Lubricator Available Lubrication Method Grease/Oil Lubrication Preload grade Normal (no symbol), light preload (C1) Accuracy Grades Normal grade (No Symbol), high accuracy grade (H), precision grade (P), super precision grade (SP), ultra precision grade (UP) Rail mounting method Bolt fixed Brand and model: HIWIN HGH15CA HGW15CA HGL15CA EGH15SA EGW15SA CGH15CA CGW15CA MGN5C MGW5C HGH20CA HGW20CA HGL25CA EGH15CA EGW15CA CGH15HA CGW15HA MGN7C MGW7C HGH20HA HGW20HA HGL25HA EGH20SA EGW20SA CGH20CA CGW20CA MGN7H MGW7H HGH25CA HGW25CA HGL30CA EGH20CA EGW20CA CGH20HA CGW20HA MGN9C MGW9C HGH25HA HGW25HA HGL30HA EGH25SA EGW25SA CGH25CA CGW25CA MGN9H MGW9H HGH30CA HGW30CA HGL35CA EGH25CA EGW25CA CGH25HA CGW25HA MGN12C MGW12C HGH30HA HGW30HA HGL35HA EGH30SA EGW30SA CGH30CA CGW30CA MGN12H MGW12H HGH35CA HGW35CA HGL45CA EGH30CA EGW30CA CGH30HA CGW30HA MGN15C MGW15C HGH35HA HGW35HA HGL45HA EGH35SA EGW35SA CGH35CA CGW35CA MGN15H MGW15H HGH45CA HGW45CA HGL55CA EGH35CA EGW35CA CGH35HA CGW35HA HGH45HA HGW45HA HGL55HA CGH45CA CGW45CA HGH55CA HGW55CA CGH45HA CGW45HA HGH55HA HGW55HA HGH65CA HGW65CA HGH65HA HGW65HA THK SNR25R SNR25C SHW17CA HSR20CA GSR15T SRS9WM RSR15 SNR25LR SNR25LC SHW27CA HSR20A GSR15TUU SRS12 RSR15ZM SNR35R SNR35C SHW21CR HSR25A SRS9XM RSR15WV SNR35LR SNR35LC SHW12CR HSR15CA SRS15XM RSR15ZM SNR45R SNR45C HSR25CA SRS12M RSR12VM SNR45LR SNR45LC HSR45A SRS15M SNR55LR SNR55LC HSR55R SRS9KM HSR65HA SRS5M HSR55LA SRS7M SSR20XV SHS15C HR1530UU SRG55LC HRW21CR NR45R SNS SVR45C SR15W SSR25XV SHS25C HR4085TUU SRG45LR HRW21CA NR45LR SHS35C HR3575TUU SRG20LV HRW17CA NR65R SNS35R SHS20V NR65LR SNS35LR SHS35LV NR65LA SHS35V SHS35LR SHS45V SHS55LV IKO LWL9B ML7 LWL15 MLG12 LWES25 MLF42 LWL12CS LWLFG24 LWLF18B LWLF14B LWLG12B LWFH40 Guide rail applications : Grinding machine drilling machine machine center lathe XYZ axes of heavy cutting machine tools Grinding head feeding axies of grinding machines Milling machine Z axies of boring machine and machine tools Z axies of industrial machine measuring equipment precision XY table welding machine binding machine auto packing machine automatic equipment high speed transfer device semiconductor equipment wood cutting machine laser cutting machine laser marking machine blow moulding machine sing axies robot-robotics medical equipment CNC machine centers wire cutting machines plano millers

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Original HSR15 linear guide rail for CNC Machines rectangle ball linear rail block HSR15: 1. High quality and long use life 2. Supply OEM 3. Prompt delivery 4.BLOCK RAIL Model No. feedback : Michelle. wang email : skype: michelle1920

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About products and suppliers:
Explore the superior grade. linear rail hsr25 range on They are constructed with standardized materials and procedures.. linear rail hsr25 in varying block types and mountings are in stock. 

linear rail hsr25 on are helpful in steering directional motion in moving machine parts. They ensure minimal friction for smooth movements. They are ideal for multiple machine designs, owing to their low-profile build. They are also available in a compact size for smaller spaces. The merchandise is well-suited for both top and bottom mounting. The precision codes and rail size of the products vary. Buyers can choose the required products based on complete technical specifications furnished on the site. The guides are useful in CNC machines, automated assembly lines, and manufacturing units.

linear rail hsr25 have high positional and motion accuracy. They boast of self-aligning bearings, fixing any wrong alignment of components. Goods are valuable as they enhance the rigidity and load capacity of the systems. They possess equal loading capacity in lateral, radial, and reverse radial directions. Goods designed for high-speed and acceleration are also accessible to users. They can be installed and used efficiently. The rails and blocks are seamlessly interchangeable with those of the same series, ensuring sustained operations in case of any faults. The lubrication of the products is hassle-free.

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