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Purification and cover gas filling nitrogen on Juice, cooking oil, beer etc. 2. Pharmaceuticals industry: Nitrogen oxygen insulation on injection, transfusion,oral liquid etc. 3. Chemical industry: Nitrogen blanket, swaging, pipe purging replacement, chemical fiber production gas protection etc.

Compressed air is dried and filtered through condenser tubes and filters. 2. Continuously generate ultra pure nitrogen through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. 3. No longer need to use inconvenient and dangerous high pressure nitrogen cylinders in laboratory.

Specifications The PSA oxygen generator is designed for medical and industrial use, such as hospital, steel-making, aquiculture etc. C) Remarks KFZD-5 5 95%~99.999% 0~0.6MPa Adjustable < -40deg C. Normal Pressure Select-according-to-purity: 96%~99%:3000m3/h; 99.5%~99.9%:2000m3/h; 99.95%~99.99%:1000m3/h; 99.995%~99.9995%:800m3/h.

Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. BIOBASE group, serving global distributors and its loyal end users, is becoming one of the most important scientific services supplier.

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Accomplish an array or projects with a liquid nitrogen generator. Alibaba.com offers liquid nitrogen generators for all buyers, whether you're purchasing for your own needs or stocking a retail warehouse. 

Nitrogen is extremely prevalent in Earth's atmosphere in its gaseous form. Nitrogen gas generators provide nitrogen for packaging food and more. Applications for liquid nitrogen are also extensive, but changing nitrogen from gas to liquid requires a liquid nitrogen compressor or generator. Food distributors can use liquid nitrogen to freeze and transport food to maintain freshness. Medical professionals and researchers can use the product for cryopreservation of biological samples as well as cryotherapy. Keeping liquid nitrogen generator in these settings can help streamline the workflow. Specific models address corrosion issues in large-scale fire sprinkler systems. The liquid nitrogen generator price range is extensive due to the variety of potential applications: more expensive units will suit large-scale precision environments, whereas budget units are available for small-scale, less-precise usages. Whether or not you'll need an industrial liquid nitrogen generator will depend on the ultimate application of the equipment.

Alibaba.com has liquid nitrogen compressors and liquid nitrogen generators for sale for all sorts of applications, as well as other machinery and industrial equipment. Criteria such as machinery condition, nitrogen generator price, supplier type and more allow you to compare options quickly.  These filters help to ensure you get the type of product that's right for you. Select the country/region of your supplier and "Ready to Ship" if you need your liquid nitrogen compressor as soon as possible. 

No matter the type or quantity you want, Alibaba.com has a solution. The site's generous selection of liquid nitrogen generators will ensure you get the product or products that are right for you, whether your operation is large or small.