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A lithium iron phosphate battery is a piece of rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They use lithium iron phosphate, or LiFe PO4, as the positive electrode material and carbon as the negative electrode material. With the development of modern science, an improvement over the original lithium iron phosphate cathode material has allowed these batteries to be charged faster than the previous speed. LiFePo4 cells are favored by the market, and they are suitable for applications that require high-load currents and endurance.

Advantages of the lithium iron phosphate battery

One of the great advantages of the lithium phosphate battery is its long life expectancy. They are relatively more stable than other energy storage solutions on the market. For example, in the high-temperature experimental environment, the traditional batteries deflagrate and catch fire, while the lithium iron phosphate battery only emits smoke slightly without any visible flame. Some lithium phosphate batteries feature built-in safety fuses, explosion-proof steel covers, and great over-temperature protection. Charging lithium-iron phosphate batteries could, of course, at a high-temperature environment, but it is still advised to charge the batteries in a cool and shady spot just to be safe. In addition, these batteries are more efficient, resulting in a longer lifespan. Most lithium phosphate batteries reach about 80% depth of discharge. It means when putting 100 amp hours into traditional batteries, they can get about 98Ah back out. Therefore, such batteries are less likely to be over-discharged. Also, most of them can reach up to 5,000 cycles. Besides, lithium iron batteries are eco-friendly because they don't contain rare earth metals. The mining of these LFP cells will not cause damage to the environment. Also, these lithium-iron phosphate batteries are recyclable. Some of them are even able to be repurposed as new batteries.

Applications of lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used in the new energy automobile industry. Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are well suited for passenger cars, buses, logistics vehicles, and low-speed electric vehicles based on safety and budgetary concerns. Large-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries are great for energy storage equipment and electric tools, while small-capacity batteries like lithium iron phosphate battery 12v are the right choice for medical devices, miner lamps, and toys.

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