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Why are these glasses called locs glasses?

Locs glasses were popular in the 70s and 80s among young people. The word “locs” was derived from the Spanish word “loco” which means “crazy.” The Hispanic culture in Los Angeles is what influenced the popularity of locs glasses. They were worn by all the gangsters in the Los Angeles area. Real locs glass frames are usually thick and a bit wider than most spectacle frames.

What does it mean to wear locs glasses?

Locs glasses were originally worn to show a tough lifestyle. The wearers are well known for their hardcore attitude. Today, it is just a cool accessory that people wear to complement their outfits. Polarized locs glasses increase visual comfort, and enhance the clarity of vision and contrast.

Types of locs glasses

Red locs glasses get their name from the red decorations on the frame. The lenses sometimes have a red shade to them as well. Pink Baby locs glasses are worn by children to mimic the original locs glasses that are worn by adults. Brown locs glasses have brown decorations on the frames or a brown hue on the glass lenses. Goddess locs glasses are more feminine because of their butterfly design. They are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, with thinner frames. There are some goddess locs glasses that are designed for men. They are more boxed in shape and can be worn by both women and men. Unbreakable locs glasses have polycarbonate lenses that prevent shattering when the glasses are dropped. Buyers can also get custom locs glasses made to their specifications by manufacturers. Premium polarized locs glasses are the most expensive locs glasses in the market. Some even have jewels and precious stones embedded into their frames. You can find several locs glass stores online and on Alibaba.com.

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