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        Q: What is the oldest logo in the world?
A: Champage Certainly not Champagne if it is in what this situation is is supposed to mean . Champagne 're not a logo , simply a Dénomination d'Origine Controlée ( DOC ) which are able to utilise by any sparkling wine manufacturer in that part of France using the region 's conventional production method . The Twinings Tea company logo has been in existence , unchanged since the late 18th century and was a possibilityly the oldest in the English speaking world . The familiar blue & white Ford logo is a relative newcomer , having been put in place in 1928 . In contrast , Mitsubishi 's logo came out nearly 60 years earlier , in 1870 . This all relates to corporate logos . Arguably , the u.s.ed of an image for determining purposes is feasible to be traced to the totems of prehistoric tribes , including , in particular , when a stylised version of the totem was tattooed on a highly noticeable part of the body . I guess you could ceverything that a logo . 

Q: Help with PS3 + 3D Projector?
A: It will ultimately is dependent upon what 3D capable projector you 've buys and the games you are playing . Very few PS3 games , currently accessible in digital 3D .   The RealD polarized eyeglasses you have from the movie theatre will not cooperate with your projector . RealD is a polarised system this thing works on an completely various principle . The type of eyeglasses you 'll required for your projector is well known as `` Active Shutter '' eyeglasses , as well as a compatible emitter . You may also need a box that makes the PS3 's 3D output consistent with the 3D the ability to your projector , but that is conditional on which modelling you are usings .   I recongratulate you check out Explore3DTV.com , which has an enormous dealing of info on the new 3D products . I 've put some handy links for you in the sourcing area below to assist in you 're learning the system more . 

Q: How long does a projector light bulb last?
A: Typically , a lamp in an LCD video projector will last in the area of 2000 - 3000 hours . The specification varies for nearly every various modelling of projector and the real life span depending on multiple factors . Normally , lamps do not fail instantaneously but the light output is declining during a period of time . A 2000 hour lamp may be required replacing in as small as 1000 - 1500 hours or it may last in excess of 3000 hours . Generally , repeated beginning of a lamp will put more stress on the lamp than continuing operating . A projector that utilized , repeatedly for several minutes at a time will get through lamps in fewer hours than one that is left on for various hours at a time .